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Monthly Google Analytics Results 2011

  December 2011 Site Usage Summary
Pages per Visit
Bounce Rate*
Avg. Time on Site
Percentage New Visits

*Bounce Rate:
When a visitor enters and exits the site from a single page.

Report Table of Contents (available as separate PDF files)
    Dashboard — Overview of monthly report.
    Traffic Sources — Summary of sources & mediums referring visitors to Fogler site.
    Top Landing Pages — Web pages through which visitors entered the Fogler site.
    Top Exit Pages — Web pages through which visitors exited the Fogler site.
    Visitors Overview  — Summary of visitors to the Fogler site.
    Pageviews  — Daily pageviews with visitor numbers.
    Depth of Visit — Summary of pageviews in a visit.
    Visitors Loyalty — Summary of repeat visitors.
    Average Pageviews — Average daily pageview summary.
    Mobile Carriers — Mobile service providers accessing Fogler site (e.g. Verizon, Fairpoint).
    Mobile Devices — Mobile devices used by visitors to access Fogler site (e.g. iPod, Android).
    Keywords — Keywords searched by visitors to Fogler site.
    Browsers — Browsers used by visitors to Fogler site.

Google Analytics Logo Download full report in PDF format, with bookmarked contents as listed above, at December 2011 Google Analytics Report.

Using the Google Analytics Report

  1. Open the full Google Analytics Report PDF in your browser.
  2. Go to File > Save Page As and save the file to your desktop.
  3. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat.
  4. Type (or copy and paste) the name of your mini web in the Find/Search field. Include the slashes present in the URL. (Example: /newmedia/)
  5. Hit Enter to launch the search. This works like the Find command in Word.
  6. Acrobat will find and highlight the mini-web name in the report.
  7. Scroll left/right or up/down to see data.
  8. You can view data in the report or copy and paste to another file.
  9. Each time you hit the enter key, Acrobat will find the next instance for the mini-web name.

Please be aware that December 2011 provides an incomplete data set and does not provide comprehensive statistics for the month.  Web statistics from Maine Info Net remain available, as always.

Questions or concerns?  Contact: 581-1692.

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