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Maine Sea Grant Publications

Purpose: To properly process materials received from Head of Collections issued by the Maine Sea Grant Program that will ultimately reside in Special Collections as part of the University Collection.

An "NSGL Publication Transmittal Form"  no longer included with shipments [per DR as of Oct. 04].  Materials will arrive in cataloging with blue Special Collection flags from Acquisitions.  They should be left on shelf labeled "University Publications."

Three categories of materials:

  1. Journal reprint series.  There is an OCLC online constant data record called Maine Sea Grant that includes a partial call number based on the unique classification scheme (see below). A Library Assistant can use this record to begin cataloging, and then pass to a professional cataloger to assign subject headings.  These are not likely to have online counterparts at this time.  Check the Maine Sea Grant Journal Reprints page: 
  2. General education and reference publications - glossy PR pieces.  These will have online equivalents that should be linked.  Professional to catalog
  3. Brochures/pamphlets - will be catalogued for Univ. Publications and will not be in the vertical file.

The unique University Publications call number schema is used.  In addition, the publication's MSG number (minus "MSG" and dashes) is appended the usual UPub template, giving the Maine Sea Grant template:

UPub 5.10-[type#]-[year]-[MSG#]


Radar, reflectors and sea kayaks: a visibility study    MSG-TR-05-01    (i53172838)



1. See OCLC constant data record Maine Sea Grant for a useful template.  To access the template:

  • Login to OCLC
  • Under the Cataloging menu select "Search" then "Online Constant Data"
  • From resulting list of Fogler templates, highlight and double click Maine Sea Grant.  This will open an OCLC new record form pre-populated with fields that are defined for Maine Sea Grant publications. 

2. For articles with more than three authors, local practice is to add 700 entries for all University of Maine-affiliated authors (supercedes AACR2).  Check URSUS for established form of name if not in national authority file.

3. Local authority records have been created in URSUS for:

  • Maine Sea Grant Program
  • Maine Sea Grant College Program

4. Please search for online version of resource and link using an 856 field.  

See for a listing of documents currently published online by the Maine Sea Grant

For physical items that require binding, give to Stephanie for in-house processing.  Choice of binding will depend on margins.

[Note--do not reference these early records for call numbering] 

Maine shore stewards: volunteer monitoring along Maine's Coast    i51362417
Southern Maine beach profile monitoring : mapping the state of Maine's beaches i51362235
Marine Aquaculture: how the public can participate in the leasing process... i51362958 

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