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Serials Solutions: Independent Title Maintenance

To manage individual titles from the Client Center for public access that are not part of one or more collections supported by Serial Solutions. 
  • Getting There
    • Login to the Serials Solutions Client Center
    • Go to Data Management Home
    • Scroll down and click "University of Maine Individual Titles"
    • Click on the number next to "Titles"
      You should now see the list of titles and buttons labeled "Upload Titles", "Download Titles", and "Add Titles". If you do not see these buttons, you may need to have your Serials Solutions 360 Core Permissions adjusted.
  • Add A Title:
    • Click on the "Add Title" button
    • Fill in the title, ISSN/ISBN, Coverage Dates, and Default URL. (You need at least a title and URL; the others are optional if unavailable)
    • Click Save
    • Email the Title and URL to Library Assistant II so the new title can be added to the Proxy Server. (Do this even for free titles. Linking through the proxy server is turned on for the entire group.)
  • To Remove A Title:
    • Find the Title you want to delete on the List
    • Click the Red X to the right of the title
    • Click the Delete button on the next page.
  • To Edit A Title:
    • Select the title from the list
    • Click the "Edit" Button
    • Edit as you would any other titles
    • Click "Save"
  • If you change a URL, notify Library Assistant II so the Proxy server can be updated.

There is a webpage ( that lists our Individual titles with ISSN, Dates, and a clickable URL.  This list is generated from our database and is only updated once per month so it may not include the most recent updates made in the Client Center.  This is not the definitive list, but may be helpful for quickly checking that links are working.

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