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MARC format for Closed Serials

Purpose: To bring together all tangible holdings in a single attached holdings record for most readable display using the MARC standard.  The standard facilitates appending new holdings to current records in the "receive from binding" function and would facilitate data migration to other systems.

Essential objectives:

  1. Single record display therefore only one location for the predominant current holdings
  2. Chronological order of holding ranges with most current appearing last (facilitates auto-append feature in back from bindery process).
  3. Separate lines (using the 8.1.x field option) to each holdings range for readability in public display
  4. Specific location information at the end of holdings range (eg. Microfilm, Storage, Annex, etc.)
  5. This cleanup process will be used for
    • Special project involving closed holdings
    • Bindery Assistant is alerted of a ceased or canceled title and is removing active checkin
    • Special cases brought to our attention by public service staff as particularly confusing

Open Millennium Serials

Some before and after examples are shown below.  The first is an example of merging holdings from two different records.  We had one record for ocper that had some bound holdings in MARC format and some unformatted microfilm holdings.  There was another record for stored journals with MARC holdings.  The "After" view shows all three sets of holdings together on one record and in MARC format.

Before and after:

Atlantic monthly complex example:

Ceased or canceled example



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