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Closing out ejournals

Purpose: to close out e-journal subscriptions by altering existing bib records, attached order records and creating attached holdings record.

Close out order record:

  • Search title to be closed and open attached order record
  • Select field 20 in order record
  • Change the f in the status field to a z
  • Add internal note as circumstances require (eg. "2003 Cancel Project)
  • Q> Quit
  • M> Make change permanent

Create holdings records indicating limited online access to e-journals:

  • A> Attach a new record
  • C>  Check-in record
  • 4> Holdings record
  • location> oweb
  • captions> Return twice
  • Lib. Has> Return, then type: Online: Year-Year only 
    (example: "1999-2001 only") Add months or volumes when necessary.  Return
  • Call #> Return Twice
  • Q> Quit
  • A> Add record to database

 Indicate in the bib record that online access to e-journal is limited:

  • F>switches to full screen editor for bib
  • Scroll cursor down to 856 41 field
  • At the end of the hyperlink, type: [Year]-[Year] only  Add months or volumes when necessary.
  • Control and E simultaneously> exits Screen editor
  • Q> Quit
  • M> Make change permanent | Revised: 01/13/2014
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