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Procedures for Issuing Orders for Online Resources

Purpose: To create order records for paid online resources and to process split fund accounts as required.

Request received from subject specialist via web site on the development server:

Jim creates brief bib and order record on URSUS.  Process similar to regular order recs at this point.  See .o6018786 as an example.

Jim contacts publisher/vendor to initiate order request.

Some orders require split funding between library accounts and departments on campus.  The library usually pays in full up front and is reimbursed via IDO by the contributing department or unit). Steps required:

  • Prepare "transfer of budget" form to send to department for signature
  • Contact the department person to get their account number to transfer funds out of.   Let them know form is on its way.
  • Make copy for our records and a second copy for the Library Business Office.
  • Process our payment on URSUS for the full amount through the interface
  • Process negative amount covered by department in URSUS but not through the interface.  Enter invoice number as follows: TOB/ Z . (slash, space, z, space).  Note in payment line should read: TOB (transfer of budget) from [dept. name].
  • Library Business Office will notify us that transfer is complete.

Note: Lag time required before finalization of transfer of budget will match URSUS payment records.

Publisher/vendor will generally supply a contract that needs to be read carefully, filled out and signed by Head of Collections or Serials Head.  Information generally required includes:

  1. Licensee: University of Maine 
  2. Contact Name:    Sharon Q. Fitzgerald 
  3. Address:    Serial Unit Address 
  4. FTE enrollment: currently 8335 for AY 2001/2002 (udate at least once per year) 
  5. Number of simultaneous users: usually determined by selector and provided in the online form under comments. 
  6. Name domain: 
  7. IP addresses of Licensee Network:  see current list for set of ranges

Once order has been completed, continue with procedure for processing an electronic database.

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