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Maine Town Reports: Lakeville documents Pilot

Plantation of Lakeville Bottle Lake, Lakeville, Maine
1859 1860 1861 1862

The pilot materials include legislation establishing Lakeville Plantation and part of the warrant for the very first Plantation meeting. Note the inclusion of voting lists from these early days. The four years of material illustrate how digital copies of the originals (facsimiles) can be presented side by side with translations for ease of reading the content.
The selected handwritten documents represent a unique partnership with the Lakeville community. Mr. Gordon Mott, working with the Town Clerk, Selectboard and local volunteers provided Fogler Library with digital files captured from the originals. The digital archive files were then reformatted and full text searching added through the use of optical character recognition software.


PDF Page # Date Name
1Mar 23, 1859Petition for Organization
1-3Apr 26, 1859Warrant for Organization
3May 7, 1859Reply to Warrant
5May 7, 1859Proceedings of Meeting
7Jun 3, 1859Warrant
7Jun 13, 1859Return of Warrant
9Jun 13, 1859List of Voters
9Jun 13, 1859Proceedings of Meeting
11Jun 29, 1859Annual Return of the Enrolled Militia
11Aug 9, 1859List of Voters
13Aug 5, 1859Warrant
13Aug 5, 1859Return of Warrant
15Sep 12, 1859Proceedings of Meeting
17Sep 12, 1859List of Voters Revised


PDF Page # Date Name
1Feb 18, 1860List of Voters
1-3Mar 19, 1860Warrant
3Mar 26, 1860Return of Warrant
5Mar 26, 1860Proceedings of Meeting
7Boundaries of School Districts
7Jun 26, 1860Annual Return of the Enrolled Militia
9Aug 11, 1860List of Voters
9-11Aug 19, 1860Warrant
11Sep 3, 1860Return of Warrant
13Sep 10, 1860Proceedings of Meeting
15Sep 10, 1860List of Voters Present and Voting on the Day of Election
17Oct 13, 1860List of Voters
19Oct 13, 1860Warrant
19Nov 6, 1860Return of Warrant
21Nov 6, 1860Proceedings of Meeting


PDF Page # Date Name
1List of Voters Present and Voting
1Feb 11, 1861List of Voters
3Mar 18, 1861Warrant
3Mar 25, 1861Return
5Mar 25, 1861Proceedings of Meeting
7Apr 25, 1861State of Maine Annual Return of the Enrolled Militia
7-9Aug 10, 1861List of Voters
9Aug 30, 1861Warrant
9Sep 9, 1861Pursuant to the within warrant
11Sep 9, 1861State of Maine at a Legal meeting of the inhabitants of plantation No 4 R1
13Sep 9, 1861List of Voters Present and Voting


PDF Page # Date Name
1Feb 18, 1862Alphabetical List of Voters in No 4 R1
1-3Mar 19, 1862Warrant
3Mar 31, 1862Pursuant to the within warrant
5Mar 31, 1862Proceedings of Meeting
7Apr 12, 1862Certificate of Oath
7May 12, 1862Sheep Mark
9Aug 1, 1862Alphabetical List of Legal Voters in Plantation No 4
11Sep 1, 1862Warrant
11Sep 18, 1862Return of Warrant
13-15Sep 8, 1862State of Maine At a legal meeting of the inhabitants of plantation No 4 R1

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