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Hot Topics: Euro Crisis

Why is this a hot topic?

Do a quick search in Google News on Euro Crisis to find out what's going on now.   You might also want to see this report from CQ Resaercher -

Euro Crisis. Hack, C. (2012, October 5). CQ Researcher.   


For background information, try -  

Ciment, J. (Ed.). (2010). Booms and busts: An encyclopedia of economic history from Tulipmania of the 1630s to the Global Financial Crisis of the 21st Century. Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference.

Rosenberg, J. (2010). Eurozone. In Concise Encyclopedia of the Great Recession, 2007-2010 (pp. 112-114). Retrieved from ebrary database.


Digging deeper, try -

searching our catalog, URSUS for books (including ebooks). Subject searching on the Euro Crisis can be tricky.  You might try a Keyword search instead.  A search on the words financial crisis europe* will find many relevant titles. You'll find things like:

The Euro Area and the Financial Crisis (2011) - Print

Europe and the Financial Crisis (2011) - Ebook

Resolving the European Debt Crisis (2012) - Ebook


For more news articles,  

 The Wall Street Journal

The Financial Times is highly recommended.  Clicking on Financial Times here should take you to the Advanced Search page in ProQuest Newsstand.  You will need to enter Financial Times in the first search box and change the corresponding search field from All Fields to Publication Title.  Enter your search term (e.g., "euro crisis") in the second search box. On the results page, you can further limit by publication date.


For trade and scholarly peer-reviewed articles, you better off searching - 

Business Source Complete Here's one sample search.  Use the Advanced Search screen.  In the first search box, type in Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009.  Change the corresponding search field from Select a Field to Subject Terms.  In the second search box, type in euro* and change the search field to Geographic Terms.  You can limit to scholarly  articles by clicking the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals checkbox.  


Other resources include - 

European Commission, Economic and Financial Affairs

European Union

Global Financial and Economic Crisis Subject Guide


Don't forget, you can always Ask a Librarian for more help!

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