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Hot Topics: Health Insurance

Why is this a hot topic?

Check out the information released by the White House regarding Health Insurance.  You can also do a Health Insurance search in Google News for very recent news. For news that is older, try the database ProQuest Newsstand.

You might also want to take a look at:

Clemmitt, M. (2013, June 15). Health Care. CQ Researcher.

Kaiser Health Reform Gateway

Kliff, S. & Klein, E. (2014, January 1). Everything you need to know about life under Obamacare. Washington Post.


How to find background information -

Try starting with our catalog, URSUS.  Click on LC Subject and type in either Health Care Reform United States, or Health Insurance Law and Legislation United States.  You'll find things like:


Debates on U.S. Health Care

The Health Care Case: The Supreme Court's Decision and It's Implication

Health Care Safety Net in a "Post-Reform" World

A New Era in U.S. Health Care

The Tough Luck Constitution and the Assault on Health Care Reform

Understanding Health Care Reform

The Health Care Case


How to find journal articles -

Try using some of our specialized databases.  For this topic try using the Advanced Search option in the databases EconLit, PAIS, and  Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (if you are off campus, you will need to enter your name and the barcode number on the back of your MaineCard)

An Advanced Search on Health Insurance and United States  will come up with articles like:

Health Reform 2010: The Missing Philosophical Premises in the Long-Running Health Care Debate. (Marmor, T.R. 2011. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 36, 3, 567-570)

The Potential Employment Impact of Health Reform on Working-Age Adults with Disabilities. (Levy, A.R., Bruen, B.K., & Kum L.C.  2013.  Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 24,3, 102-112)

U.S. Universal Health Covereage at a Crossroad. (Battistella, R. 2013. International Advances in Economic Research, 19, 4, 409-423)


Some other sites that might be of interest -

America's New Health Insurance Marketplace (Centers for Disease Control)

Health Issue Analysis (Congressional Research Service Reports)

Health Insurance (Medline Plus)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


Don't forget, you can always Ask a Librarian for more help!

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