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Hot Topics: Taxes

Why is this a hot topic?

Do a quick search in Google News on taxes or "tax reform" to find out what's going on now. For more introductory information, check the Taxes category in the Points of View Reference Center database.     


For background information, try -  

Tax Reform: A Reference Handbook

 National Debt: Are Higher Taxes Needed to Reduce the Debt?  CQ Researcher

 The Encyclopedia of Taxation & Tax Policy


Digging deeper, try -

searching our catalog, URSUS for books (including ebooks) and government documents (e.g., committee hearings).  Keyword searching on taxation or taxes or "tax reform" will retrieve results.  For a different approach, try a Library of Congress Subject Heading Search.  A good search to start with is Taxation United States.  You will see things like:

Taxes in America : What Everyone Needs to Know

The President's Fiscal Year 2013 Revenue and Economic Policy Proposals (Congressional Hearing)

For public opinion research, try searching the Roper Center For Public Opinion Research, a database that includes full text poll data from 1935 to the present.  Here's a sample search in the category Taxing.

See One Sure Thing: Taxes from the The Association of American University Presses.


For more news articles,  

The New York Times

Keyword searching works when searching The New York Times, but you might be overwhelmed by the number of results - taxes are a popular issue.  To help increase relevancy, use the Date Range option on the Advanced Search page to focus on a specific time period (e.g., last 3 years).  Also, pay attention to the subject headings that accompany each article, and use relevant headings in your search.  For example, using the Advanced Search page, a search on Tax Reform limited to Subject Heading and the last 3 months found 35 articles.


For scholarly peer-reviewed articles, you better off searching - 

Academic Search Complete  

A multi-topic database that covers a wide range of subject areas and contains a high number of scholarly peer-reviewed journals.  Like searching The New York Times, use Advanced Search.  You can limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals and search using subject terms (e.g., tax reform).   Since this database includes international publications, you might want to add United States (limited to Geographic Terms) in the Advanced Search box.


Other resources include - 

Internal Revenue Service

Tax Foundation

Tax History Project

Tax Policy Center

Tax Reform and Tax Expenditures, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Tax Policy Resource Center, U.S. Department of Treasury


Don't forget, you can always Ask a Librarian for more help!

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