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Senior Photo Index: a Volunteer Opportunity

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Want to volunteer to help build our Maine student index?

Here is what you will need:

  1. Internet access (high speed recommended given size of files).
  2. Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read the .pdf format of the yearbook pages. This is a free download.  Download is available from the Adobe web site.
  3. An Email account so you can contact Brian Bouchard to register and given the address for entering data.
  4. Once Brian has registered you for the project you are ready to go!

Getting Started:

  1. In your Internet browser, open the yearbooks site:
  2. Find your assigned year.
  3. Use the table of contents on the page to find where the Senior section starts.
  4. Be sure to allow the page a minute or two to load. It’s quite a big file and it will be easier to work with once fully loaded.
  5. Most photographs are in alphabetical order but some are in order by degree. Either way, just follow photo by photo, entering carefully the name (surname, middle, first), class, year and page where the entry is found on the data entry screen (address will be sent to you when you register to participate).

Other guidelines and instructions:

  1. A tutorial with screenshots and further details can be found at:
  2. Whenever possible be sure to include middle name or initials.  If not available leave blank
  3. Page number - this usually appears at the bottom of the page of the original you are viewing (not the page number of the pdf document that holds the original). You may need to scroll down to find it. If no page number given, a page number can generally be determined from the table of contents. Please consult with library staff on how to proceed.
  4. Be sure to proofread your typing of all elements of a name BEFORE you hit the "ADD INDEX RECORD" button as this is the key to finding someone.
  5. Graduating Class - in many cases this is the year before the published yearbook as Juniors generally responsible for the publication.  For example, the class of 1949 Seniors are published in the 1950 yearbook. 
  6. Notes: If senior not pictured (often the case in earlier yearbooks) than type in note field "Not pictured".
  7. For general questions, please contact Sharon Quinn Fitzgerald

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