Cataloging: Overlay MLR (Alma)

Purpose: To overlay short MLR records, usually created during the ordering process.

Find the MLR record that needs to be overlayed in Alma and open in the MDE

Search Connexion for the correct bibliographic record.

Copy the OCLC number and paste into a 035 field that you create in the MLR record in Alma. Use Edit Actions>Add Field (F8). NOTE: the field MUST be formatted exactly as the example shows.

Save and release (CTRL+ALT+R) the MLR from the MDE in Alma. If you do not do this step the record will remain locked and not overlay.

In Connexion, export the record using Action>Export (F5). NOTE: Unlike Sierra, Alma does not use command lines at this time, so they are not neccessary.

Before closing this window. Copy the MMS number to search with in Alma.

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