Gallery: The William S. Cohen Lecture and Watergate Conversation, October 5, 2007
Photographs by Don Radovich and UMaine photographer Bill Drake

Secretary Cohen greeting Don Carrigan at Buchanan Alumni House

Bob Woodward during an interview at Buchanan Alumni House

Bob Woodward and Rob Callahan

Bob Woodward and Jennifer Rooks

Cohen and Woodward viewing the Cohen Papers traveling exhibit

Secretary Cohen using 3D glasses to look at a photo in the exhibit

Woodward, Cohen, and Cohen Center Director Jan Staples at the exhibit

Staples, Cohen and Woodward looking at the Watergate portion of the exhibit

Dean Joyce Rumery at the podium

Bob Woodward

William Cohen

Don Carrigan

Secretary William Cohen and Bob Woodward seated on stage

Secretary Cohen makes a point on stage as Bob Woodward looks on

Secretary Cohen, Mr. Woodward, and Don Carrigan seated on stage

Bob Woodward makes a point during the Watergate conversation

Secretary Cohen and archivist Paige Lilly examining the Watergate papers at Fogler Library

Cohen and Woodward examining documents from the Cohen Papers in Fogler Library

Secretary Cohen and Bob Woodward with journalists

UMaine President Bob Kenneday introducing the 2007 Cohen Lecture

Secretary Cohen and Bob Woodward answering questions after the Cohen Lecture