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The HathiTrust Maine Collection is a subset of HathiTrust records for digitized books and other materials that are related to the state of Maine. The collection was created March 2014, so it is a snapshot of data available at that time. To retrieve results from content digitized and added to HathiTrust since 2014, one should conduct additional searches in the complete and current HathiTrust database.

Both in-copyright and public domain content form the collection. Although the in-copyright material cannot be viewed in full text format, it is included because all text in HathiTrust may be searched by keyword, resulting in page number references which can be helpful to researchers.

Criteria used to create the HathiTrust Maine Collection include records with the following words found in any subject heading:

  • Maine
  • (Me.)
  • Abenaki
  • Malecite
  • Norridgewock
  • Passamaquoddy
  • Penobscot
  • Pequawket
  • Sokoki
  • Wawenock

Includes records with the following words found in author:

  • Maine
  • (Me.)

Excludes records with the following subject headings:

  • Maine (France)
  • Maine (Battleship)

Excludes records with the following authors:

  • Maine AND (France OR Battleship OR Biran OR Henry OR Clive OR Richard OR George)


For more information, contact:

Deborah Rollins
Head, Collection Services Dept.
drollins [at] maine.edu
(207) 581-1659