HM 1172: Palace Scene, AD 600-900, Mexico HM 1172:Palace Scene
AD 600-900, Mexico

Description: Appraisal96 Appraisal97 Appraisal98 Worldviews Polychrome cylindrical ceramic vase with an orange slip and red, brown, white, black, and gray paint on the exterior. Interior is primarily unpainted with some red and orange around the rim. This cacao server has a primarily alternative sequence text below the rim. A ruler seated tailor fashion on a throne is surrounded by three attendants; two are armed. The ruler wears an elaborate headdress, ear ornaments, a plaque with attachments and jaguar leggings. The attendants wear distinctive headgear representing three different animals. A hole penetrates the rim and there is paint loss. The Maya Scribe and his World, Micheal D. Coe p.67