HM 546: Xbalanque, AD 250-900, Guatemala HM 546:Xbalanque
AD 250-900, Guatemala

Description: Appraisal96 Appraisal97 Appraisal98 Worldviews Polychrome urn with orange slip painted red, white, and black on exterior. The effigy urn is portrait of a male with wide brow, painted orange with black spots. Eyes are protruding and lidded. Eyeballs are painted white with black irises. Incising of eyes extends into the temples. Lower lids are outlined in black. Cheeks are painted. The nose and ears are a high relief while lips are painted red. There are white ear plugs. There are two columns of applied skulls on each side of face behind ears. The skulls are painted white. Six applied points border behind the skulls. Top rim is asymmetrical with crimped edges. Bottom rim is similar to top. Urn is extensively repaired and some sherds remain missing on the rear of the urn (at least three). William P. Palmer III Collection Guatemala Maya Highlands Maya Classic Period AD 250-900