HM 555: , AD 250-900, Mexico HM 555:
AD 250-900, Mexico

Description: Polychrome cylinder vase with slightly curving base, orange, white, black and red. Depicts five figures, three male figures with black heads and red outlines around their mouths. Each wears a headdress, a red "shirt" and black "pants." Each figure appears with a spear. Two figures are making signals with their hands, with index and little fingers extended upward; middle, ring fingers and thumbs folded down. Third, standing male figure makes similar hand gesture with right hand. Is depicted wearing red on his full body. Wears an orange garment with black zigzag pattern on his upper body. Wears black headdress with white ornamentation. Designs between each figure include: 1. A black bird over a red bird, separated by three solid black circles. 2. A checkerboard pattern in red with a fringe on the bottom. 3. A disembodied arm and leg. 4. Four solid red circles in a vertical column, followed by a disembodied head, arm and flexed leg. Pattern band in vase rim, extends in short column panels between each featured figure. Vase interior is orange slip. Red rim with black band on rim lip. Exterior background is white. No visible signs of repair. Some surficial scratches have occurred to both the interior and exterior. A few minor chips have occurred to rim lip. Old records indicate Maya culture, from Campache. Indicate vase depicts "a group of figures in a ceremonial scene." Other old record describes vase as "ghost pot". No immediate conservation needs. Appraisal96 Part of the Palmer Collection. Shows marching warriors and bloody remains of enemies or companions. The ovals with circles inside resemble glyphs, but are decorative only.