HM 4780: Fish, AD 1000-1250, USA HM 4780:Fish
AD 1000-1250, USA

Description: Appraisal96 Included in the Museum Loan Network. Email received from Steve Whittington, Nov. 8, 2002: Kim: There is a Mimbres file in my office in the vertical files. I orginally read the correspondence between Palmer and Stafford to indicate the vases were from Mexico. On rereading the letters a while ago, talking to J. Brody from New Mexico, and thinking about how reliable Stafford was, I concluded that they may actually be from New Mexico. You may indeed have some more letters to send out, but I do not think it is too serious a matter. 1) They are unaffiliated burial goods, so not in the two most sensitive categories of NAGPRA stuff. 2) One or more of the Mimbres bowls were always listed as being from New Mexico, so they probably were reported to tribes back in 1993. 3) Nobody ever contacted us about the ones we reported. You can check the files to confirm that at least one was reported. Jason may well not have reported them to all of the appropriate tribes, though. Steve Black on white bowl. Fish design with triangle and diamond shape line and hatch mark designs surrounding fish. Missing section in bottom has been repaired with polyfilla cellulose mix. Pieces missing at rim. Repaired cracks. Donated in 1982 by William P. Palmer II. From the Mimbres culture, the bowls were often found in gravesites. Certain bowls were used as mortuary vessels. These were placed over the head in burials. Their bases were ceremonially "killed" to allow the spirit of the bowl to accompany the deceased's spirit into the future world.