Timeline of Mimbres Pottery
A.D. 100 -Hunting and gathering peoples of Mimbres valley
use gourds and baskets as containers
Early Pithouse Period
A.D. 200-550
-Plain brown, gourd shaped vessels using basic
coiling technique are made for utility purposes
-First permanent villages develop
-Increase in population
Late Pithouse Period
A.D. 550-1000
-Perfection of red burnished bowls
A.D. 650 -First painted bowls

Style I: First Black-on-white bowls

A.D. 750-900 -Repeating geometric patterns covering the entire
interior of the bowls
A.D. 800 -Figural designs depicting animals first appear
-Emphasis on negative space and radial division of designs
Style II: Black-on-white bowls
A.D. 900-1000 Increased artistic precision of painted bowls
-Fine lines and hatch marks found on bowl rims
-Population continues to increase

Style III: Classic Black-on-white

A.D. 1000-1150 -Bowls are decorated with detailed animal and
human figures surrounded by geometric rim designs
-Population reaches 5000 people
A.D. 1100 -Mimbres pottery no longer produced
A.D. 1150 -Dispersal of Mimbres people and culture
A.D. 1200 -Post-Mimbres villages established
A.D. 1450 -Mimbres valley abandoned