Maine Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Programs Directory

Here are a few useful LINKS for easily accessible data sources


Maine DEP Ozone and Air Quality Monitoring  Hourly ozone concentrations at sixteen stations in Maine; also reports particulates and Air Quality Index (AQI).  (Sample question: How high have ground-level ozone levels been this summer?)

National Atmospheric Deposition Program Monitors weekly precipitation amounts and chemistry (cations & anions) at six stations in Maine.  (Sample question: Where in Maine is acid precipitation the worst?)

Climate and weather

EPA Interactive Map of Air Quality Monitors The New England Integrated Sciences and Assessment (NEISA), formerly funded through RISA is now part of the EPA's AirNow Program .  

National Weather Service Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)  A good central location for many kinds of weather summaries, satellite images, continental scale temperature, pressure, precipitation contour maps, forecasts, current weather, and climate archives. (Sample question: What seasonal patterns are evident in the movements of continental air masses that move over Maine?

National Climate Data Center Search here for National Weather Service data archives by station.  NWS station records go back as far as pre-1900 in a few Maine locations, and to1947 for many Maine stations.  Reports daily, monthly and annual summaries for temperature, precipitation, snow cover, etc.  These data sets are wonderful, and can be challenging to access and work with.  Don't hesitate to contact the NCDC for assistance -- remember: as a taxpayer, you own the data! (Sample question: Are winters in Lewiston getting warmer?)

Coastal and marine environments  

Gulf of Maine Ocean Observation System (GoMOOS) (Sample question: Is the frequency of high-intensity storms in the Gulf of Maine increasing?)

Maine Healthy Beaches (Sample question: Does the coastal beach where we swim have safe levels of bacteria?)

Forests and wildlife

Audubon Christmas Bird Count Reports bird counts by species from annual Christmas Bird Counts for all count circles nationwide.  There are about 30 count circles in Maine. (Sample questions: are Northern cardinals on the increase in Maine?  How many snow geese have been sighted in Maine?)

Freshwater: streams, lakes, groundwater

Lakes of Maine 

 (Sample question: Where is the deepest part of China Lake, and does it have any water quality problems?)

USGS Lake Ice-Out data A wonderful, simple data set to begin with!  Find out if ice-out on your favorite Maine lake is happening earlier, later, or not changing!

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