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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

March, 2023
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Call Number Title Publisher
N72.T4Interface CulturesTranscript Verlag
N72.T4 A45 2011The future of art in a postdigital age : from Hellenistic to Hebraic consciousness / Mel AlexenbergBristol, UK Chicago : Intellect, 2011
N72.T4 A778 2000ebArt, technology, consciousness : mind@large / edited by Roy AscottBristol, UK Portland, OR : Intellect, 2000
N72.T4 E38 2008ebEducating artists for the future : learning at the intersections of art, science, technology, and culture / Mel Alexenberg, editorBristol, UK Chicago, IL : Intellect, [2008]
N72.T4 S345 2012Fusing lab and gallery : device art in Japan and international nano art / Sarah M. SchlachetzkiBielefeld : Transcript Verlag [2012]
N72.T47 C665 2014ebTV Museum : contemporary art and the age of television / Maeve ConnollyBristol, UK Chicago, IL : Intellect, 2014
N7255.B285The politics of migration and mobility in the art world: transnational Baltic artistic practices across EuropeBristol : Intellect Books Ltd, 2021
N7255.P6 K36 2016ebPolish media art in an expanded field / Aleksandra KaminskaBristol, UK : Intellect, 2016
N7260 .L58 2011Liu Kang : essays on art & cultureSingapore : National Art Gallery, [2011]
N7289.F87Das Ornament als Denkfigur : Ornamentale Strukturen im künstlerischen Werk von Parastou Forouhar / Susanne WinderBielefeld : Transcript, 2021
N7311 .B48x 2015ebBetween declarations and dreams : art of Southeast Asia since the 19th century / editor Low Sze WeeSingapore : National Gallery Singapore, 2015
N7311 .C43 2017ebCharting thoughts : essays on art in Southeast Asia / edited by Low Sze Wee and Patrick D. FloresSingapore : National Gallery Singapore, 2017
N7330.S5 S53 2015Siapa nama kamu? : art in Singapore since the 19th centurySingapore : National Gallery Singapore, 2015
N7330.S5 Y36 2019ebMigration, transmission, localisation : visual art in Singapore (1886-1945) / Yeo Mang ThongSingapore : National Gallery Singapore, 2019
N7330.S53 T362 2016ebEarth work 1979 : Tang Da Wu / editor, Charmaine TohSingapore : National Gallery Singapore, 2016
N7345.6New thoughtfulness in contemporary china[Place of publication not identified] : Transcript-Verlag, 2014
N7355 .H57 2023History of Japanese art after 1945 : institutions, discourses, practice / [edited] by Kitazawa Noriaki, Kuresawa Takemi, Mitsuda Yuri with an introduction by Kajiya Kenji English translation editor, Tom KainLeuven : Leuven University Press, [2023]
N7425Vanishing Points : Articulations of Death, Fragmentation, and the Unexperienced Experience of Created ObjectsBristol : Intellect, 2015
N7425Art insight : understanding art and why it matters / Fanchon Jean SilbersteinBristol, UK : Intellect, 2020
N7433.8Dysfunction and decentralization in new media art and education / Robert W. SweenyBristol, UK : Intellect, 2015
N7433.8 .V53 2007ebVideogames and art / edited by Andy Clarke and Grethe MitchellBristol, UK Chicago : Intellect, 2007
N7445 .S356 2018ebSubjectivity and synchrony in artistic research : ethnographic insights / Johanna SchindlerBielefeld : Transcript-Verlag, [2018]
N7477Shiny things : reflective surfaces and their mixed meanings / Leonard Diepeveen, Timothy van LaarBristol, UK : Intellect Books, 2021
N7575 .B38 2021Twelve Caesars : images of power from the ancient world to the modern / Mary BeardPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2021]
N7625.5Bodies We Fail : Productive Embodiments of Imperfection / Jules SturmBielefeld : Transcript Verlag, 2014
N7630Girls! girls! girls! in contemporary art / edited by Catherine Grant and Lori WaxmanBristol : Intellect Books, 2011
N7660 .A85 2022ebAnimals and artists : an exploration of impossible encounters / Elizabeth Eleanor Jacqueline AtkinsonBristol : Intellect Books, 2022
N7660 .E25 2019An eclectic bestiary : encounters in a more-than-human world / Birgit Spengler, Babette B. Tischleder (editions.)Bielefeld : Transcript Verlag, [2019]
N8213 .E49 2022Landscape and the moving image / Catherine ElwesBristol, UK Chicago, USA : Intellect, 2022
N8217.A49Kunst und Landwirtschaft : Realitätsbezüge in der Gegenwartskunst / Anne KerstenBielefeld : Transcript, 2021
N8217.C35 .R456 2013ebRe-imagining the city : art, globalization and urban spaces / edited by Elizabeth Grierson and Kristen Sharp Ellen Thomas, cover designer Bethan Ball, production managerBristol, England Chicago, Illinois : Intellect, [2013]
N8217.D5 S64 2011ebSpectacular death : interdisciplinary perspectives on mortality and (un)representability / edited by Tristanne ConnollyBristol : Intellect, 2011
N8217.F43 A78x 2014Art history and fetishism abroad : global shiftings in media and methods / Gabriele Genge, Angela Stercken (editions.)Bielefeld : Transcript Verlag, [2014]
N8217.H67Taking Place : Building Histories of Queer and Feminist Art in North AmericaManchester : Manchester University Press, 2023
N8222.M39Masks : Bowie and artists of artifice / edited by James CurcioBristol, UK : Intellect Ltd, 2020
N8236.P5 A28 2016ebActivating democracy : the I wish to say project / edited by Sheryl OringBristol, UK : Intellect Chicago, IL, USA : The University of Chicago Press, 2016
N8239.S66Landscape and the Science Fiction Imaginary / John TimberlakeBristol Chicago : Intellect, [2018]
N85Curriculum : contemporary art goes to school / edited by Jennie GuyBristol, UK Chicago : Intellect Books, 2020
N85The making of an artist : desire, courage, and commitment / Kristin G. CongdonBristol, UK : Intellect, 2018
N85 .A78 2023Art-based research in the context of a global pandemic / edited by Usva Seregina and Astrid Van den BosscheNew York, NY : Routledge, 2023
N85 .B49 2021Beyond text : learning through arts-based research / edited by Jeff Adams and Allan OwensBristol : Intellect Ltd, 2021
N85 .I58 2008ebInternational dialogues about visual culture, education and art / edited by Rachel Mason and Teresa Torres Pereira de EçaBristol, UK Chicago, IL : Intellect, [2008]
N85 .U85 2018Using art as research in learning and teaching : Multidisciplinary approaches across the arts / edited by Ross W. PriorBristol, UK Chicago, IL : Intellect, 2018
N85 .W46 2013ebWho's Who in Research : Visual ArtsBristol : Intellect Books Ltd, 2013
N8600Die Schöpfer des Kunstmarkts : Von den Anfängen in der Antike bis zur Digitalisierung in der GegenwartBielefeld : transcript, 2022
N8600 .G735 2021ebPainting by numbers : data-driven histories of nineteenth-century art / Diana Seave GreenwaldPrinceton : Princeton University Press, [2021]
N8600 .S56x 2014ebArt/commerce : the convergence of art and marketing in contemporary culture / Maria A. SlowinskaBielefeld : Transcript, ©2014
N87Becoming a Visually Reflective Practitioner : an Integrated Self-Study Model for Professional Practice / Sheri R. Klein and Kathy Marzilli MiragliaBristol, UK : Intellect, 2021
N8725 .L63 2000ebLocality, regeneration & divers[c]ities / edited by Sarah Bennett and John ButlerBristol, England Portland, OR : Intellect, 2000
N88 .D35 2010ebArtist-teacher : a philosophy for creating and teaching / by G. James DaichendtBristol, UK Chicago : Intellect, 2010
N8850 .O38 2021ebDie Suche nach Differenz : Denkmalpflege im Spannungsfeld globaler Kulturerbepolitik / Martina OeterBielefeld : Transcript, [2021]
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