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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

May, 2022
Call Number Title Publisher
T174.7 TA418.9.N35Proceedings of the Scientific-Practical Conference Research and Development - 2016 / edited by K.V. Anisimov, A.V. Dub, S.K. Kolpakov, A.V. Lisitsa, A.N. Petrov, V.P. Polukarov, O.S. Popel, V.A. VinokurovCham : Springer International Publishing, 2018
TJ210.2 .I58 2021Proceedings of the 2021 DigitalFUTURES : the 3rd International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication (CDRF 2021) / Philip F. Yuan, Hua Chai, Chao Yan, Neil Leach, editorsSingapore : Springer, [2022]
TJ210.3Theory and practice of robots and manipulators : proceedings of RoManSy '84: The Fifth CISM -- IFToMM Symposium / edited by A. Morecki, G. Bianchi, K. Ke¸dziorLondon : Kogan Page, 1985
TJ210.3RoManSy 6 : Proceedings of the Sixth CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators / edited by A. Morecki, G. Bianchi, K. Ke?dziorLondon : Kogan Page, [1987]
TJ211 .B69 1992ebWhat robots can and can't be / by Selmer BringsjordDordrecht : Springer Science+Business Media, [1992]
TJ211 .R86 1987Robot sensors and transducers / S.R. RuoccoNew York : Halsted Press, 1987
TJ211.28An introduction to ethics in robotics and AI / Christoph Bartneck, Christoph Lütge, Alan Wagner, Sean WelshCham : Springer, [2021]
TJ211.35AI based robot safe learning and control / Xuefeng Zhou, Zhihao Xu, Shuai Li, Hongmin Wu, Taobo Cheng, Xiaojing LvSingapore : Springer, 2020
TK1010 .B55 1996ebReliability evaluation of power systems / Roy Billinton and Ronald N. AllanNew York : Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, 1996
TK2791 .S64 1985Magnetic components : design and applications / Steve SmithNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1985]
TK3105Understanding energy innovation : learning from smart grid experiments / Heather LovellSingapore : Palgrave Macmillan, [2022]
TK393 .E94The laboratory recorder / Galen W. Ewing and Harry A. AshworthNew York : Plenum Press, [1974]
TK5101Telecommunication principles / by J.J. O'ReillyBerkshire : Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1984
TK5101 .C694 1984ebTelecommunications, equipment fundamentals and network structures / Vince CoughlinNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1984
TK5101.A1 W69 1994Worldwide advances in communication networks / edited by Bijan JabbariNew York : Plenum Press, [1994]
TK5102.5 .B694 1990Principles of experimental frequency analysis / Jens Trampe BrochLondon New York : Elsevier Applied Science, [1990]
TK5102.9Ambisonics : a Practical 3D Audio Theory for Recording, Studio Production, Sound Reinforcement, and Virtual Reality / by Franz Zotter, Matthias FrankCham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint : Springer, 2019
TK5103.59 .O695 1989Optoelectronic technology and lightwave communications systems / edited by Chinlon LinNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1989]
TK5103.592.F52 G56 2014Globalization and Minority Cultures : the Role of Minor Cultural Groups in Shaping Our Global FutureLeiden : BRILL, 2014
TK5103.7La Nueva Comunicación Creatividad e Innovación en la Sociedad DigitalMadrid : Dykinson, Place of publication not identified, 2022
TK5105.5-5105.9Enhanced Living Environments : Algorithms, Architectures, Platforms, and Systems / edited by Ivan Ganchev, Nuno M. Garcia, Ciprian Dobre, Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis, Rossitza GolevaCham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint : Springer, 2019
TK5105.5-5105.9How AI Impacts Urban Living and Public Health : 17th International Conference, ICOST 2019, New York City, NY, USA, October 14-16, 2019, Proceedings / edited by José Pagán, Mounir Mokhtari, Hamdi Aloulou, Bessam Abdulrazak, María Fernanda CabreraCham : Springer International Publishing, 2019 : Imprint Springer
TK5105.5-5105.9Autonomous Control for a Reliable Internet of ServicesSpringer International Publishing;"Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer
TK6553 .V53 1987Electromagnetic compatibility handbook / J.L. Norman Violette, Donald R.J. White, Michael F. VioletteNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1987]
TK7825 .B7 1979ebHandbook of electronics formulas, symbols, and definitions / John R. BrandNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1979]
TK7836 .E39 1991Manufacturing technology in the electronics industry : an introduction / Phillip R. EdwardsLondon New York : Chapman and Hall, 1991
TK7836 .M37 1986Handbook of electronics manufacturing engineering / Bernard S. MatisoffNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1986]
TK7867 .A38 2004ebAdvanced formal verification / edited by Rolf DrechslerBoston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, [2004]
TK7868.P7 B38 1985ebIn-circuit testing / John BatesonNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1985]
TK7868.P7 C55 1985ebHandbook of printed circuit manufacturing / Raymond H. ClarkNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1985]
TK7868.P7 C553 1989ebPrinted circuit engineering : optimizing for manufacturability / Raymond H. ClarkNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1989]
TK7870 .M386 1990Handbook of electronics packaging design and engineering / Bernard S. MatisoffNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1990]
TK7871.85 .M5715Semiconductor devices and integrated electronics / A.G. MilnesNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1980]
TK7871.99.M44 H68 1992Hot carrier design considerations for MOS devices and circuits / edited by Cheng T. WangNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1992]
TK7874 .B376 1991ebMINNIE and HSPICE for analogue circuit simulation / Derek C. BarkerLondon, England : Chapman and Hall, 1991
TK7874 .T83 1990Design to test : a definitive guide for electronic design, manufacture, and service / Jon TurinoNew York, N.Y. : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1990]
TK7881.4 .E16 1986ebHandbook of recording engineering / John EargleNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1986]
TK7882.B56 S65 2021Biometric identification, law and ethics / Marcus Smith, Seumas MillerCham : Springer, [2021]
TK7882.I6 F53 1985Flat-panel displays and CRTs / edited by Lawrence E. Tannas, JrNew York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, [1985]
TK7888.4Variant Construction from Theoretical Foundation to ApplicationsSingapore Springer Singapore 2019
TK9146 .J28 1991The nuclear lion : what every citizen should know about nuclear power and nuclear war / John JaggerNew York : Plenum Press, [1991]
TK9152 .A94 1986Safeguards systems analysis : with applications to nuclear material safeguards and other inspection problems / Rudolf AvenhausNew York : Plenum Press, [1986]
TK9360The Urban Transportation of Irradiated FuelLondon : Macmillan Publishers Limited Jan. 1984