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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

August, 2019
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Call Number Title Publisher
T174.7 .E53 2016ebEncyclopedia of nanotechnology [electronic resource] / edited by Bharat BhushanDordrecht : Springer, 2016
T174.7 .M53 2018Micro and nano fabrication technology / editors, Jiwang YanSingapore : Springer, [2018]
TA357.5.M84Handbook of multiphase flow science and technology [electronic resource] / edited by Guan Heng Yeoh, J. B. JoshiSingapore : Springer, 2018
TH7011 .A832ASHRAE handbook. Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning applicationsAtlanta, GA : American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, c1991-
TJ170 .P74 2019Precision Machines [electronic resource] / edited by Shuming Yang, Zhuangde JiangSingapore : Springer Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2019
TJ210.2-211.495Handbook of Smart Homes, Health Care and Well-Being [electronic resource] / edited by Joost van Hoof, George Demiris, Eveline J.M. WoutersCham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2019
TJ210.3 .I38 2017Robotics and mechatronics : proceedings of the fifth IFToMM International Symposium on Robotics & Mechatronics (ISRM 2017) / Richard (Chunhai) Yang, Yukio Takeda, Chunwei Zhang, Gu Fang, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2019]
TJ210.4Encyclopedia of robotics / [edited by] Marcelo H. Ang, Oussama Khatib, Bruno SicilianoBerlin, Germany : Springer, 2019
TJ211 .H86 2018Humanoid robotics : a reference / editors, Ambarish Goswami, Prahlad VadakkepatDordrecht : Springer, [2018]
TJ211.49Social Robots : technological, societal and ethical aspects of human-robot interaction / Oliver Korn, editorCham : Springer, 2019
TJ211.495 .T37 2019ebTowards autonomous robotic systems : 20th Annual Conference, TAROS 2019, London, UK, July 3-5, 2019, Proceedings. Part I / Kaspar Althoefer, Jelizaveta Konstantinova, Ketao Zhang (eds.)Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2019
TJ212-225Encyclopedia of Systems and Control [electronic resource] / edited by John Baillieul, Tariq SamadLondon : Springer London, 2019 Imprint Springer
TJ213 .C93 2019Cyber-Physical Systems: A Reference [electronic resource] / edited by Xue WangBerlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2019
TJ260 .H36 2019ebHandbook of thermal science and engineering / editor, Francis A. KulackiCham : Springer, 2019
TJ265Handbook of Thermal Plasmas [electronic resource] / by Maher I. Boulos, Pierre L. Fauchais, Emil PfenderCham : Springer International Publishing, 2019 Imprint Springer
TJ808.3 .H36 2014ebHandbook of Renewable Energy [electronic resource] / editor, Walter Leal Filho[S.l.] : Springer Berlin Heidelberg
TJ808.3 .H36 2018Handbook of energy systems in green buildings / editors, Ruzhu Wang, Xiaoqiang ZhaiBerlin : Springer, [2018]
TJ810 .A38 2019Advanced energy efficiency technologies for solar heating, cooling and power generation / Xudong Zhao, Xiaoli Ma, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2019]
TJ828 .H36 2019Handbook of wind energy aerodynamics / edited by Bernhard Stoevesandt, Gerard Schepers, Peter Fuglsang, Sun YupingCham : Springer, [2019]
TJ853 .E53 2013ebEncyclopedia of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics [electronic resource] / editor, Dongqing Li[S.l.] : Springer US
TK1087 .E53 2019Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems with Energy Storage Systems [electronic resource] / by Adel A. Elbaset, Saad Awad Mohamed Abdelwahab, Hamed Anwer Ibrahim, Mohammed Abdelmowgoud Elsayed EidCham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2019
TK275High voltage measurement techniques : fundamentals, measuring instruments, and measuring methods / Klaus SchonCham : Springer, 2019
TK2960Energy conversion efficiency of solar cells / Takashi Kita, Yukihiro Harada, Shigeo AsahiSingapore : Springer, 2019
TK2960 .H36 2019Handbook of photovoltaic silicon / editors, Deren YangBerlin : Springer, [2019]
TK3105 .D87 2019Demand response in smart grids / Pengwei Du, Ning Lu, Haiwang ZhongCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2019]
TK3148 .F54 2019ebFlexible AC transmission systems : FACTS / editors, Stig Nilsson, Bjarne AndersenCham : Springer, 2019
TK5103.2 .E53 2019ebEncyclopedia of wireless networks / editors, Xuemin (Sherman) Shen, Xiaodong Lin, Kuan ZhangCham : Springer, 2019
TK5103.4815 .H36 2018Handbook of cognitive radio / editors, Wei ZhangSingapore : Springer, [2018]
TK5104 .H36 2016Handbook of satellite applications / editors, Joseph N. Pelton, Scott Madry, Sergio Camacho-LaraNew York, NY : Springer, [2016]
TK5105.5 .M76 2019Mobile, Secure, and Programmable Networking : 5th International Conference, MSPN 2019, Mohammedia, Morocco, April 23-24, 2019, Revised Selected Papers / Éric Renault, Selma Boumerdassi, Cherkaoui Leghris, Samia Bouzefrane (eds.)Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2019]
TK5105.8857Smart network inspired paradigm and approaches in IoT applications / editors, Mohamed Elhoseny and Amit Kumar SinghSingapore : Springer, [2019]
TK6570.M6 N47 2018Communication Technologies for Vehicles : 14th International Workshop, Nets4Cars/Nets4Trains/Nets4Aircraft 2019, Colmar, France, May 16-17, 2019, Proceedings / edited by Benoît Hilt, Marion Berbineau, Alexey Vinel, Magnus Jonsson, Alain PirovanoCham : Springer International Publishing, 2019
TK6679.3 .A66 2018ebApplications and usability of interactive TV : 7th Iberoamerican Conference, jAUTI 2018, Bernal, Argentina, October 16-18, 2018, revised selected papers / edited by María José Abásolo, Telmo Silva, Nestor D. GonzálezCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2019]
TK6680.8.A15Single-shot 3D sensing close to physical limits and information limits / Florian WillomitzerCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2019]
TK7871.15.S54Mechanical properties of silicon based compounds : silicides / Joshua PellegCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2019]
TK7871.85 .B64 2019ebSemiconductor Physics [electronic resource] / by Karl W. Böer, Udo W. PohlCham : Springer International Publishing, 2019
TK7871.89.L53 H36 2019Handbook of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes [electronic resource] / edited by Chihaya Adachi, Reiji Hattori, Hironori Kaji, Takatoshi TsujimuraTokyo : Springer Japan : Imprint: Springer, 2019
TK7874.887 .H36 2016Handbook of spintronics / editors, Yongbing Xu, David D. Awschalom, Junsaku NittaDordrecht : Springer, [2016]
TK7875 .M53 2019Micro electro mechanical systems / edited by Qing-An HuangSingapore : Springer, [2019]
TK7876-7876.42Handbook of Advanced Lighting Technology [electronic resource] / edited by Robert Karlicek, Ching-Cherng Sun, Georges Zissis, Ruiqing MaCham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2019
TK7882.I6 H36 2016Handbook of visual display technology / editors, Janglin Chen, Wayne Cranton, Mark FihnBerlin : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, [2016]
TK7882.P3Reproducible research in pattern recognition : second International Workshop, RRPR 2018, Beijing, China, August 20, 2018, Revised selected papers / edited by Bertrand Kerautret, Miguel Colom, Daniel Lopresti, Pascal Monasse, Hugues TalbotCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2019
TK7882.P3Pattern recognition : 11th Mexican Conference, MCPR 2019, Querétaro, Mexico, June 26-29, 2019, Proceedings / Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa, José Francisco Martínez-Trinidad, José Arturo Olvera-López, Joaquín Salas (eds.)Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2019
TK7888.4Handbook of Biochips [electronic resource] : Integrated Circuits and Systems for Biology and Medicine / edited by Mohamad SawanNew York, NY : Springer New York, 2019 Imprint Springer
TK7895.E42Simplicity is complex : foundations of cyber-physical system design / Hermann KopetzCham : Springer, [2019]
TK8306 .H36 2019Handbook of optical fibers / editors, Gang-Ding PengSingapore : Springer, [2019]
TL1500 .H36 2019ebHandbook of Life Support Systems for Spacecraft and Extraterrestrial Habitats [electronic resource] / edited by Erik Seedhouse, David J ShaylerCham : Springer International Publishing, 2019
TL152.8HCI in mobility, transport, and automotive systems : First International Conference, MobiTAS 2019, held as part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019, Orando, FL, USA, July 26-31, 2019, proceedings / Heidi Krömker (ed.)Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2019]
TL272.57 .H36 2014Handbook of driver assistance systems / editors, Hermann Winner, Stephan Hakuli, Felix Lotz, Christina SingerCham : Springer International Publishing, [2014]
TL553.5Aviation System Risks and Safety [electronic resource] / Kuklev E.A., Shapkin V.S., Filippov V.L., Shatrakov Y.GSingapore : Springer, 2019
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