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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

April, 2023
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Call Number Title Publisher
E184.A1White power and American neoliberal culture / Patricia Ventura and Edward K. ChanOakland, California : University of California Press, [2023];"©2023"
E184.A1 F73 1982ebWhite supremacy : a comparative study in American and South African history / George M. FredricksonOxford New York : Oxford University Press, [1982];"©1981"
E184.A1 F738 2007ebColored property : state policy and white racial politics in suburban America / David M.P. FreundChicago : University of Chicago Press, 2007
E184.A1 H27 1990The uprooted / Oscar HandlinBoston : Little, Brown, [1990]
E184.A1 H5 2002 E-bookStrangers in the land : patterns of American nativism, 1860-1925 / John HighamNew Brunswick, NJ : Rutgers University Press, [2002]
E184.A1 H636 2006ebCosmopolitanism and solidarity : studies in ethnoracial, religious, and professional affiliation in the United States / David A. HollingerMadison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press, ©2006
E184.A1 H84 2012ebWhite bound : nationalists, antiracists, and the shared meanings of race / Matthew W. HugheyStanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, [2012];"©2012"
E184.A1 S954 2014Good white people : the problem with middle-class white anti-racism / Shannon SullivanAlbany : SUNY Press, 2014
E184.A1 Y78 2003ebEmbracing the East : white women and American orientalism / Mari YoshiharaOxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2003
E184.A65Bint Arab : Arab and Arab American women in the United States / Evelyn ShakirWestport, Conn. : Praeger, [1997];"©1997"
E184.A65 R33 2008Race and Arab Americans before and after 9/11 : from invisible citizens to visible subjects / edited by Amaney Jamal and Nadine NaberSyracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 2008
E184.A75Orientals : Asian Americans in popular culture / Robert G. LeePhiladelphia : Temple University Press, 1999;"©1999"
E184.A75 J86 2006ebCoolies and cane : race, labor, and sugar in the age of emancipation / Moon-Ho JungBaltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, [2006];"©2006"
E184.C27Holding aloft the banner of Ethiopia : Caribbean radicalism in early twentieth-century America / Winston JamesLondon New York : Verso, 1999
E184.C5 C466 2002ebBeing Chinese, becoming Chinese American / Shehong Chen[Champaign] : University of Illinois Press, [2002];"©2002"
E184.C5 C56 2000ebOf orphans and warriors : inventing Chinese American culture and identity / Gloria Heyung ChunNew Brunswick, New Jersey : Rutgers University Press, [2000];"©2000"
E184.G3 G315Yearbook of German-American studies [electronic resource]Lawrence, Kan. : Society for German-American Studies, 1981-
E184.I6Irish immigrants in the land of Canaan : letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America, 1675-1815 / written and edited by Kerby A. Miller, Arnold Schrier, Bruce D. Bolling, David N. DoyleNew York : Oxford University Press, [2004];"©2003"
E184.I6 C34 2008ebIreland's New Worlds : immigrants, politics, and society in the United States and Australia, 1815-1922 / Malcolm CampbellMadison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press, [2008];"©2008"
E184.I6W47 1998United Irishmen, United States : Immigrant Radicals in the Early RepublicIthaca : Cornell University Press, 2011
E184.I8 S815 1993ebStudies in Italian American folklore / edited by Luisa Del GiudiceLogan, Utah : Utah State University Press, 1993
E184.K6 Y85 2002Beyond the shadow of Camptown : Korean military brides in America / Ji-Yeon YuhNew York : New York University Press, [2002];"©2002"
E184.M5 P67 2000ebCrowding out Latinos : Mexican Americans in the public consciousness / Marco PortalesPhiladelphia : Temple University Press, 2000
E184.M5 R86 2008ebFrom out of the shadows : Mexican women in twentieth-century America / Vicki L. RuizNew York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2008
E184.M5 V63Voces [electronic resource] : a journal of Chicana/Latina studiesDavis, CA : Chicana/Latina Research Center, University of California, ©1997-2001
E184.M88 M38 2006Transnational Muslims in American society / Aminah Beverly McCloudGainesville : University Press of Florida, [2006];"copyright 2006"
E184.O6 .D36 1988ebAsian America : Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850 / Roger Daniels designed by Judy PetrySeattle, Washington London [England] : University of Washington Press, 1988;"©1988"
E184.P3 R64 1998 E-bookPalatines, liberty, and property : German Lutherans in colonial British America / A.G. Roeber with a new prefaceBaltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, [1998];"©1998"
E184.S75 S268 200Brown tide rising : metaphors of Latinos in contemporary American public discourse / Otto Santa Ana foreword by Joe R. FeaginAustin : University of Texas Press, 2003
E184.S98Possible Histories : Arab Americans and the Queer Ecology of Peddling[S.l.] : University of California Press, 2023
E184.U5 U45The Ukrainian weekly [electronic resource]Jersey City, N.J. : Ukrainian National Association, 1980-
E184.W4Iron Artisans : Welsh Immigrants and the American Age of SteelMinneapolis : University of Pittsburgh Press, 2023
E185The Black image in the white mind : the debate on Afro-American character and destiny, 1817-1914 / George M. FredricksonNew York : Harper and Row, ©1971
E185The myth of the Negro past / Melville J. HerskovitsNew York : Harper and Brothers, [1941];"©1941"
E185In hope of liberty : culture, community, and protest among northern free Blacks, 1700-1860 / James Oliver Horton, Lois E. HortonNew York : Oxford University Press, [1998];"©1997"
E185.2A Nation under our feet : black political struggles in the rural South from slavery to the great migration / Steven HahnCambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, [2005];"©2003"
E185.6Characteristics of the American Negro / Otto Klineberg, editorNew York London : Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1944
E185.6Negro youth at the crossways : their personality development in the Middle States / E. Franklin Frazier with an introduction by St. Clair Drake prepared for the American Youth Commission, American Council on EducationNew York : Schocken Books, 1967;"©1967"
E185.6 .A28 2010ebIn the lion's mouth : Black populism in the New South, 1886-1900 / Omar H. Ali foreword by Robin D.G. KelleyJackson : University Press of Mississippi, [2010];"©2010"
E185.6 .D5 2003Swinging the machine : modernity, technology, and African American culture between the World Wars / Joel DinersteinAmherst : University of Massachusetts Press, [2003];"copyright 2003"
E185.6.M953 S68 1987ebGunnar Myrdal and Black-white relations : the use and abuse of An American dilemma, 1944-1969 / David W. SouthernBaton Rouge : Louisiana State University Press, [1987];"©1987"
E185.61The political status of the Negro in the age of FDR / Ralph J. Bunche edited and with an introduction by Dewey W. GranthamChicago : University of Chicago Press, [1973];"©1973"
E185.61The struggle for racial equality : a documentary record / selected and edited by Henry Steele CommagerNew York : Harper and Row, 1967
E185.61Cold War civil rights : race and the image of American democracy / Mary L. DudziakPrinceton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, [2002];"©2000"
E185.61American apartheid : segregation and the making of the underclass / Douglas S. Massey, Nancy A. DentonCambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1993
E185.61The strange career of Jim Crow / C. Vann WoodwardNew York : Oxford University Press, 1955
E185.61 .M32 2007ebRace, reform, and rebellion : the second reconstruction and beyond in Black America, 1945-2006 / Manning MarableJackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2007
E185.61 .R635 2006ebAmerican experience. Eyes on the prize. Season 2, Episode 6, A nation of law? (1968-71) / produced, directed, and written by Terry Kay Rockefeller, Thomas Ott, Louis Massiah a production of Blackside, IncArlington, VA : Public Broadcasting Service, 2006
E185.61 .W738 1984ebThe crucible of race : black/white relations in the American South since emancipation / Joel WilliamsonNew York : Oxford University Press, 1984
E185.61 K383 2014Black freedom, white resistance, and red menace : civil rights and anticommunism in the Jim Crow South / Yasuhiro KatagiriBaton Rouge : Louisiana State University Press, [2014]
E185.615And We Are Not Saved : the Elusive Quest for Racial Justice / Derrick BellNew York : Basic Books, March 1989
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