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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

May, 2023
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Call Number Title Publisher
E99.H9 T68 1987ebThe children of Aataentsic : a history of the Huron people to 1660 / Bruce G. TriggerKingston [Ont.] : McGill-Queen's University Press, 1987, ©1976
E99.M6 P38 2022We Were Not the Savages : Collision Between European and North American Civilizations / Daniel N. PaulHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada : Fernwood Publishing, [2022]
E99.M8 B8734 2008Joseph Brant and His World : Eighteenth-Century Mohawk Warrior and Statesman / James W. PaxtonToronto : James Lorimer & Company, 2008
E99.M87 C437 2020Des tentes aux maisons : la sédentarisation des Innus / Paul CharestQuébec, Québec, Canada : Les Éditions GID, [2020]
E99.N3 L623 1998ebIn the beginning : the Navajo genesis / Jerrold E. LevyBerkeley : University of California Press, [1998]
E99.O35 C37 1991ebThe Queen's people : a study of hegemony, coercion, and accommodation among the Okanagan of Canada / Peter CarstensToronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, ©1991
E99.P25Singing for Power : The Song Magic of the Papago Indians of Southern ArizonaBirmingham : University of California Press, 2021
F1021 .M425 1985ebThe Wacousta syndrome : explorations in the Canadian langscape / Gaile McGregorToronto [Ont.] Buffalo [N.Y.] : University of Toronto Press, ©1985
F1021.2 .B43 1993ebThe beaver bites back? : American popular culture in Canada / edited by David H. Flaherty and Frank E. ManningMontréal Buffalo : McGill-Queen's University Press, ©1993
F1021.2 .S653 1994ebCanada : an American nation? : essays on continentalism, identity and the Canadian frame of mind / Allan SmithMontreal Buffalo : McGill-Queen's University Press, ©1994
F1024 .T39 1989ebPromoters, patriots, and partisans : historiography in nineteenth-century English Canada / M. Brook TaylorToronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, ©1989
F1033 .B49 2013ebThe sense of power : studies in the ideas of Canadian imperialism, 1867-1914 / Carl Berger with a new introduction by Doug OwramToronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, 2013
F1034.2 .B49 1995ebBeyond Quebec : taking stock of Canada / edited by Kenneth McRobertsMontreal Buffalo : McGill-Queen's University Press, ©1995
F1034.3.A97 U55 2023Unlikely insider : a West Coast advocate in Ottawa / Jack Austin with Edie Austin foreword by Paul MartinMontreal Kingston London Chicago : McGill-Queen's University Press, 2023
F1054.S3 D475 2023Un Pays Rebelle : La Côte-du-Sud et la guerre de l'Indépendance américaine / Gaston Desc°hnesQuébec (Québec) : Les éditions du Septentrion, [2023]
F1059.7.E53 G74 1994ebEthnicity in the mainstream : three studies of English Canadian culture in Ontario / Pauline Greenhill880-01 Montreal Buffalo : McGill-Queen's University Press, ©1994
F1089.F7 G65 2022Gold, Grit, Guns : Miners on Bcs Fraser River in 1858 / Alexander GlobeVancouver, B.C., Canada : Ronsdale Press, [2022]
F1219.3.M59The Millennial Kingdom of the Franciscans in the New WorldBerkeley : University of California Press, [2021]
F1219.54.A98 B66 2000ebStories in red and black : pictorial histories of the Aztecs and Mixtecs / Elizabeth Hill BooneAustin : University of Texas Press, 2000
F1219.8.M59 J69 2010ebMixtecs, Zapotecs, and Chatinos : ancient peoples of southern Mexico / Arthur A. JoyceChichester, UK Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010
F1219.8.Z37Rethinking Zapotec time : cosmology, ritual, and resistance in colonial Mexico / David TavárezAustin : University of Texas Press, 2022
F1226 .C655 2011A companion to Mexican history and culture / edited by William H. BeezleyChichester, West Sussex Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
F1228.5.S65 R53 1988Mexico through Russian eyes, 1806-1940 / William Harrison RichardsonPittsburgh, PA : University of Pittsburgh Press, [1988]
F1234 .L855 1992ebExits from the labyrinth : culture and ideology in the Mexican national space / Claudio Lomnitz-AdlerBerkeley : University of California Press, [1992]
F1234 .P55 2010ebConstructing the image of the Mexican Revolution : cinema and the archive / Zuzana M. PickAustin : University of Texas Press, 2010
F1234.O2 B83 2011The last caudillo : Alvaro Obregón and the Mexican Revolution / Jürgen BuchenauChichester, West Sussex, U.K. Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
F1386.15Resurrecting Tenochtitlan : imagining the Aztec capital in modern Mexico City / Delia Cosentino and Adriana ZavalaAustin : University of Texas Press, 2023
F1392.A1 S23 2022Riot and rebellion in Mexico : the making of a race war paradigm / Ana SabauAustin : University of Texas Press, 2022
F1408.3 .V36 1994ebThe New World of the gothic fox : culture and economy in English and Spanish America / Claudio VélizBerkeley : University of California Press, [1994]
F1410A companion to Latin American history edited by Thomas H. HollowayMalden, MA Oxford Blackwell Pub. 2008
F1410 .P48 2003ebPerspectives on Las Américas : a reader in culture, history, and representation / edited and introduced by Matthew C. Gutmann [and others]Maden, MA : Blackwell Pub., [2003]
F1411The Encomienda in New Spain : The Beginning of Spanish MexicoPiraí : University of California Press, [2021]
F1414Latin America in The 1940s : War and Postwar TransitionsBerkeley : University of California Press, 2021
F1435.3.E72 T73 2023The transnational construction of Mayanness : reading modern Mesoamerica through US archives / edited by Fernando Armstrong-Fumero and Ben FallawDenver, Colorado : University Press of Colorado, [2023]
F1435.3.W75 C55 2022Códice Maya de México : Understanding the Oldest Surviving Book of the Americas / edited by Andrew D. Turner, with contributions by Gerardo Gutiérrez, Baltazar Brito Guadarrama, and Jesús Guillermo Kantún RiveraLos Angeles : Getty Research Institute : J. Paul Getty Museum, [2022]
F1445 .W35 2008ebDecolonizing development : colonial power and the Maya / Joel WainwrightMalden, MA : Blackwell Pub., [2008]
F157.B7Drawing the line : how Mason and Dixon surveyed the most famous border in America / Edwin DansonHoboken, NJ : Wiley Blackwell, [2016]
F1787.5 .S96 2002ebInside the Cuban Revolution : Fidel Castro and the urban underground / Julia E. SweigCambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, ©2002
F189.B147 F73 2023Below Baltimore : an archaeology of Charm City / Adam D. Fracchia and Patricia M. SamfordGainesville : University Press of Florida, [2023]
F1912.6Haiti and the Americas / edited by Carla Calargé [and others]Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2013
F208.2 .C66 2002ebA companion to the American South / edited by John B. BolesMalden, Mass. : Blackwell Publishers, 2002
F209 .H24 2006ebThe making of the American South : a short history, 1500-1877 / J. William HarrisMalden, MA : Blackwell, 2006
F2191.E27 R66 2018The Indian Caribbean : migration and identity in the diaspora / Lomarsh RoopnarineJackson : University Press of Mississippi, [2018]
F2230.1.R3 B76 2014ebThe power of huacas : change and resistance in the Andean world of colonial Peru / by Claudia BrossederAustin : University of Texas Press, 2014
F2230.2.A9 C73 1991From the fat of our souls : social change, political process, and medical pluralism in Bolivia / Libbet Crandon-Malamud.Berkeley : University of California Press, [1991]
F2276Rafael Núñez y el regionalismo político en Colombia 1863-1886 / James William Park[Place of publication not identified] : Editorial Universidad del Norte 2022
F234.N8 L48 1990In their own interests : race, class, and power in twentieth-century Norfolk, Virginia / Earl LewisBerkeley : University of California Press, [1991]
F2380.1.P3Dark shamans : kanaimà and the poetics of violent death / Neil L. WhiteheadDurham, NC : Duke University Press, 2002
F2510The Masters and the Slaves : A Study in the Development of Brazilian CivilizationZurich : University of California Press, 2022
F2520.1.A4 W35 2023Persistence of good living : A'uwe life cycles and well-being in the central Brazilian cerrados / James R. WelchTucson, Arizona : University of Arizona Press, 2023
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