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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

April, 2020
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Call Number Title Publisher
GC1023.74Selling the sea, fishing for power : a study of conflict over marine tenure in Kei Islands, eastern Indonesia / Dedi Supriadi AdhuriCanberra ACT, Australia : Australian National University E Press, [2013]
GC116 .S27 2006Ocean biogeochemical dynamics / Jorge L. Sarmiento and Nicolas GruberPrinceton : Princeton University Press, [2006];"©2006"
GC117 .C37 G78 1999Seasonal Carbon Cycling in the Sargasso Sea Near BermudaBerkeley : University of California Press, 1999
GC190.2 .B76 2010ebThe great ocean conveyor : discovering the trigger for abrupt climate change / Wally BroeckerPrinceton : Princeton University Press, ©2010
GC21How the Ocean Works : an Introduction to OceanographyNew Jersey : Princeton University Press, 2008
GC221.2 .F74 2002Tsunami Man : Learning about Killer Waves with Walter Dudley / Anthony D. FredericksHonolulu : University of Hawaii Press, [2002];"©2002"
GC222.H3 D84 1998ebTsunami! / Walter C. Dudley, Min LeeHonolulu : University of Hawaii Press, ©1998
GC228.5 .G75 2004ebFundamentals of ocean climate models / Stephen M. GriffiesPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2004];"©2004"
GC28 .C37 2013ebTraveling the 38th Parallel : a Water Line Around the World / David Carle and Janet CarleBerkeley : University of California Press, 2013;"©2013"
GC29 .S43 2013ebThe sea : thalassography and historiography / Peter N. Miller, editorAnn Arbor : The University of Michigan Press, [2013]
GC296.8.E4 P485 2004Our affair with El Niño : how we transformed an enchanting Peruvian current into a global climate hazard / S. George PhilanderPrinceton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, ©2004
GC30.A1 H36 2005ebOceanographers and the cold war : disciples of marine science / Jacob Darwin HamblinSeattle : University of Washington Press, ©2005
GC57 .V26 2012Climate and the oceans / Geoffrey K. VallisPrinceton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, ©2012
GC65 .B47 2009ebOcean : reflections on a century of exploration / Wolf H. Berger with contributions by E.N. ShorBerkeley : University of California Press, ©2009
GC65 .E975 2017Exploring the earth under the sea : Australian and New Zealand achievements in the first phase of IODP Scientific Ocean Drilling, 2008-2013 / edited by Neville ExonCanberra : ANU Press, 2017;"©2017"
QH90.5.A1International aquatic researchTonekabon : 2009-2011 : Islamic Azad University;"New York : 2012- : Springer"
QH90.8.P5 K56 2008ebA mechanistic approach to plankton ecology / Thomas KiørboePrinceton : Princeton University Press, [2008]
QH91.1 .K37 2006ebSensuous seas : tales of a marine biologist / Eugene H. Kaplan drawings by Sandy Chichester Rivkin and Susan L. KaplanPrinceton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, ©2006
QH91.3 .S36 2014ebCall me captain : a memoir of a woman at sea / Susan ScottHonolulu : University of Hawaiʻi Press, 2014
QH91.75.H85 M67 1995ebAn introduction to the Cape d'Aguilar Marine Reserve, Hong Kong / Brian Morton and Elizabeth HarperHong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, ©1995
QH91.75.T5 W35 2004ebRough waters : nature and development in an East African marine park / Christine J. WalleyPrinceton : Princeton University Press, ©2004
QH91.8.B6 H37 2016ebA sea of glass : searching for the Blaschkas fragile legacy in an ocean at risk / Drew HarvellOakland, California : University of California Press, [2016];"©2016"
QH91.A1 Y3 no. 1;"QL621.5"Fishes of the Western North Atlantic. Part 4, Soft-rayed bony fishes : order Isospondyli (part), suborder Argentinoidea, suborder Stomiatoidea, suborder Esocoidea, suborder Bathylaconoidea, order Giganturoidei / authors, Henry B. Bigelow, Daniel M. Cohen, Myvanwy M. Dick, Robert H. Gibbs, Jr., Marion Grey, James E. Morrow, Jr., Leonard P. Schultz, Vladimir WaltersNew Haven : Yale University Press, 1964
QH91.A1 Y3 no.2The elementary chemical composition of marine organisms [Translated from Vinogradov's original Russian by Julia Efron and Jane K. Setlow, with bibliography edited and newly enl. by Virginia W. Odum, for the Survey of Existing Knowledge of Biogeochemistry, American Museum of Natural History]New Haven, Sears Foundation for Marine Research, Yale University, 1953
QL377.C5 S38 1984ebThe corals of Hong Kong / P.J.B. Scott[Hong Kong] : Hong Kong University Press, ©1984
QL391.C4 W28The zoology of tapeworms by Robert A. Wardle and James Archie McLeodMinneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota Press [©1952]
QL391.N4 M22 1996ebPlant-parasitic nematodes : a pictorial key to genera / William F. Mai and Peter G. Mullin with Howard H. Lyon and Kent Loeffler, photographersIthaca : Comstock Pub. Associates, Cornell University Press, 1996
QL391.P7 W37 1974ebAdvances in the zoology of tapeworms, 1950-1970 / Robert A. Wardle, James A. McLeod, Sydney RadinovskyMinneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, ©1974
QL430.5.C75 K744 2014ebConus of the Southeastern United States and Caribbean / Alan J. KohnPrinceton : Princeton University Press, [2014]
QL430.6 .B473 1993ebCatalogue of the living marine Bivalve molluscs of China / F.R. Bernard, Ying Ya Cai, Brian MortonHong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, ©1993
QL430.6 .M46 1986ebThe Bivalvia : proceedings of a memorial symposium in honour of Sir Charles Maurice Yonge 1899-1986 at the IXth International Malacological Congress, 1986, Edinburgh / edited by Brian MortonHong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, 1990
QL430.6 .S8785 2008ebFreshwater mussel ecology : a multifactor approach to distribution and abundance / David L. StrayerBerkeley : University of California Press, ©2008
QL434 .R5 1955ebThe integument of arthropods : the chemical components and their properties, the anatomy and development, and the permeability / A. Glenn RichardsMinneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, ©1951
QL434.8The dynamics of arthropod predator-prey systems [electronic resource] / Michael P. HassellPrinceton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, [1978]
QL444 .C72 P36 2001Taxonomy and Distribution of the Calanoid Copepod Family HeterorhabdidaeBerkeley : University of California Press, 2001
QL444.M33Walking sideways : the remarkable world of crabs / Judith S. WeisIthaca : Comstock Publishing Associates, 2012
QL444.M33 .C736 1975ebFiddler crabs of the world : Ocypodidae : genus Uca / by Jocelyn CranePrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 1975;"©1975"
QL447.5 .C44 2015ebChecklisten der Fauna Österreichs. No. 8 : Tardigrada / Hieronymus Dastych. Odonata (Insects) / Werner E. Holzinger, Andreas Chovanec & Johann A. Waringer[Place of publication not identified] : Austrian Academy Of Scien, 2015
QL457.1Common Spiders of North America / Richard A. Bradley illustrations by Steve Buchanan sponsored by the American Arachnological SocietyBerkeley : University of California Press, [2013];"©2013"
QL458.4 .S64 1982ebSpider communication : mechanisms and ecological significance / edited by Peter N. Witt and Jerome S. RovnerPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 1982
QL458.41.U6 A33 2014ebField guide to the spiders of California and the Pacific Coast states / text by R.J. Adams, illustrations by Tim D. ManolisBerkeley : University of California Press, [2014];"©2014"
QL458.414.G7 B44 2017ebBritain's spiders : a field guide / Lawrence Bee, Geoff Oxford, Helen SmithPrinceton, NJ : Princeton University Press, 2017;"©2017"
QL458.42.L6The Brown Recluse Spider / Richard S. VetterIthaca, NY : Cornell University Press (Bibliovault), [2015]
QL459 .B78 2010ebSpider silk : evolution and 400 million years of spinning, waiting, snagging, and mating / Leslie Brunetta, Catherine L. CraigNew Haven : Yale University Press, ©2010
QL615 .H37 2014Fishes : a guide to their diversity / Philip Alan Hastings, H.J. Walker, and Grantly R. GallandOakland, California : University of California Press, [2014];"©2014"
QL615 .M63 1993ebFish : an enthusiast's guide / Peter B. Moyle illustrations by Chris Mari Van DyckBerkeley : University of California Press, ©1993
QL615;"QH91.A1 Y3 no. 1"Fishes of the Western North Atlantic. Part 7, Order Iniomi (Myctophiformes) : Neoscopelidae and Myctophidae and Atlantic mesopelagic zoogeography / authors, Basil G. Nafpaktitis, Richard H. Backus, James E. Craddock, Richard L. Haedrich, Bruce H. Robison, Charles KarnellaNew Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
QL615;"QH91.A1 Y3 no. 1"Fishes of the Western North Atlantic. Part 5, Order Iniomi, Order Lyomeri / authors, William W. Anderson, Frederick H. Berry, James E. Böhlke, Rolf L. Bolin, Jack W. Gehringer, Robert H. Gibbs Jr., William A. Gosline, N.B. Marshall, Giles W. Mead, Robert R. Rofen, Norman J. WilimovskyNew Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
QL615;"QH91.A1 Y3 no. 1"Fishes of the Western North Atlantic. Part 3, Soft-rayed bony fishes : class Osteichthyes, order Acipenseroidei, order Lepisostei, order Isospondyli, suborder Elopoidea, suborder Clupeoidea, suborder Salmonoidea / authors, Henry B. Bigelow, Margaret G. Bradbury, John R. Dymond, John R. Greeley, Samuel F. Hildebrand, Giles W. Mead, Robert R. Miller, Luis R. Rivas, William C. Schroeder, Royal D. Suttkus, Vadim D. VladykovNew Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
QL615;"QH91.A1 Y3 no. 1"Fishes of the Western North Atlantic. Part 8, Order Gasterosteiformes, suborder Syngnathoidei : Syngnathidae (Doryrhamphinae, Syngnathinae, Hippocampinae) / authors, C.E. Dawson, Richard P. VariNew Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
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