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June, 2017
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Call Number Title Publisher
R1Pediatric vascular neurosurgery : principles and practice of neurovascular disorders. (Part 1) / Abhishek Agrawal, Gavin Britz, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2016
R724Clinical medical ethics : landmark works of Mark Siegler, MD / Laura Weiss Roberts, Mark Siegler, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
R727.4The bright side and the dark side of patient empowerment : co-creation and co-destruction of value in the healthcare environment / Rocco PalumboCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
R729.8 .W45 2016Listening for What Matters : Avoiding Contextual Errors in Health Care / by Saul J. Weiner, Alan SchwartzOxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2016]
R853.C55Clinical trials design in operative and non operative invasive procedures / Kamal M.F. Itaní, Domenic J. Reda, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
R853.M3Extended abstracts Fall 2015 : Biomedical Big Data ; Statistics for Low Dose Radiation Research / Elizabeth A. Ainsbury, M.Luz Calle, Elisabeth Cardis, Jochen Einbeck, Guadalupe Gómez, Pere Puig, editorsCham, Switzerland : Birkhäuser, 2017
R853.M48Modern meta-analysis : review and update of methodologies / Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. ZwindermanCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
R855.3Patient involvement in health technology assessment / Karen M. Facey, Helle Ploug Hansen, Ann N.V. Single, editorsSingapore : Adis : Springer Nature, 2017
R858Information infrastructures within European health care : working with the installed base / Margunn Aanestad, Miria Grisot, Ole Hanseth, Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
R858.A2Smart health : International Conference, ICSH 2016, Haikou, China, December 24-25, 2016, Revised selected papers / Chunxiao Xing, Yong Zhang, Ye Liang (eds.)Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RA1226In vitro environmental toxicology : concepts, application and assessment / Georg Reifferscheid, Sebastian Buchinger, editors ; with contributions by S. Belkan [and more]Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RA1242 .A36 2015ebPhycotoxins : Chemistry and Biochemistry / Luis M Botana and Amparo Alfonso [editors]Chichester, West Sussex : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2015
RA762Antimicrobial coatings and modifications on medical devices [electronic resource] / Zheng Zhang, Victoria E. Wagner, editorsCham : Springer, 2017
RA971High performance in hospital management : a guideline for developing and developed countries / Edda Weimann, Peter WeimannBerlin, Germany : Springer, 2017
RB113Cytopathology / Fernando Schmitt, editorCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RB150.C6 O94 2017Into the Gray Zone : A Neuroscientist Explores the Border Between Life and Death / Adrian OwenNew York : Scribner, 2017
RB155.6Next generation sequencing based clinical molecular diagnosis of human genetic disorders [electronic resource] / Lee-Jun C. Wong, editorCham : Springer, 2017
RB155.8Safety and efficacy of gene-based therapeutics for inherited disorders / Nicola Brunetti-Pierri, editorCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017]
RB25Histological Diagnosis of Implant-associated Pathologies [electronic resource]Springer Verlag 2017
RC112Epigenetics of infectious diseases [electronic resource] / Walter Doerfler, Josep Casadesús, editorsCham : Springer, 2017
RC114.5Emerging and re-emerging viral infections : advances in microbiology, infectious diseases and public health. Volume 6 / edited by Giovanni Rezza, Giuseppe IppolitoCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RC1220.S57Injuries and health problems in football : what everyone should know / editor-in-chief: João Espregueira-Mendes ; editors: C. Niek van Dijk, Philippe Neyret, Moises Cohen, Stefano Della Villa, Helder Pereira, J. Miguel OliveiraBerlin, Germany : Springer, 2017
RC150Influenza and respiratory care [electronic resource] / Mieczyslaw Pokorski, editorCham : Springer, 2017
RC183.1 .C67 2016The fever of 1721 : the epidemic that revolutionized medicine and American politics / Stephen CossNew York : Simon & Schuster, 2016
RC268.5Mechanisms of molecular carcinogenesis. Volume 1 / Johannes Haybaeck, editorCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RC268.5Mechanisms of molecular carcinogenesis. Volume 2 / Johannes Haybaeck, editorCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RC269.5Isolation and molecular characterization of circulating tumor cells / Mark Jesus M. Magbanua, John W. Park, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017]
RC279.A357Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa [electronic resource] : current practice and future / Olufunso Adebold Adedeji, editorCham : Springer, 2017
RC280.B48Surgical pathology of hepatobiliary tumors [electronic resource] / Wen-Ming Cong, editorSingapore : Springer, 2017
RC280.C65Sarcoma, a multidisciplinary approach to treatment / Robert M. Henshaw, editorCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017]
RC280.L8Atlas of minimally invasive surgery for lung and esophageal cancer [electronic resource] / Jun Wang, Mark K. Ferguson, editorsDordrecht : Springer, 2017
RC280.M35Mediastinal lesions : diagnostic pearls for interpretation of small biopsies and cytology / Anja C. Roden, Andre L. Moreira, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RC280.P25Pancreatic cancer : with special focus on topical issues and surgical techniques / Sun-Whe Kim, Hiroki Yamaue, editorsBerlin, Germany : Springer, 2017
RC280.S28 T86 2017ebTumors of the sacrum : diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant tumors / Pietro Ruggieri, Andrea Angelini, Daniel Vanel, Piero Picci, editorsCham : Springer Verlag, 2017
RC280.S8Personalized management of gastric cancer : translational and precision medicine / Jia Wei, Baorui Liu, editorsSingapore : Springer, 2017
RC312.5.E9Ocular tuberculosis [electronic resource] / Atul Kumar, Rohan Chawla, Namrata Sharma, editorsCham : Springer, 2017
RC346Neurology at the bedside / Daniel Kondziella, Gunhild WaldemarCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RC346Nutrition in neurologic disorders : a practical guide / Ethem Murat Arsava, editorCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RC346Transient receptor potential canonical channels and brain diseases / Yizheng Wang, editorDordrecht, the Netherlands : Springer, [2017]
RC350.N49Challenging topics in neuroanesthesia and neurocritical care / Zahid Hussain Khan, editorCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017]
RC386.6.M34Compujtational diffusion MRI [electronic resource] : MICCAI Workshop, Athens, Greece, Octorber 2016 / Andrea Fuster [and 4 others], editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer Nature, 2017
RC394.C77Seizures in critical care : a guide to diagnosis and therapeutics / Panayiotis N. Varelas, Jan Claassen, editorsCham, Swizterland : Humana Press, 2017
RC394.T7Transient global amnesia : from patient encounter to clinical neuroscience / A.J. LarnerCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RC445 .Y36 2007ebThe architecture of madness : insane asylums in the United States / Carla YanniMinneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, ©2007
RC454.4 .G46 2017Gene-environment transactions in developmental psychopathology : the role in intervention research / Patrick H. Tolan, Bennett L. Leventhal, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017]
RC521Dementia in nursing homes [electronic resource] / Sandra Schüssler, Christa Lohrmann, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017
RC523Alzheimer's disease II [electronic resource] / Michael S. Wolfe, editor ; with contributions by C. Ballatore [and more]Cham : Springer, 2017
RC537 M354 2017The New Mind-Body Science of Depression / Vladimir Maletic, Charles RaisonNew York : W.W Norton & Company, [2017]
RC547Sleep disorders medicine : basic science, technical considerations and clinical aspects / Sudhansu Chokroverty, editorNew York, NY : Springer, 2017
RC548.5Restless legs syndrome/Willis Ekbom disease : long-term consequences and management / Mauro Manconi, Diego García-Borreguero, editorsNew York, NY : Springer, 2017
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