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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

March, 2021
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Call Number Title Publisher
Q175 .C892 2020ebComprendre et communiquer la science Jean Crête, Louis M. Imbeau, Mathieu OuimetQuébec : Presses de l'Université Lavel, 2020
Q179.9EKC 2019 Conference proceedings : science, technology, and humanity : advancement and sustainability : Vienna, Austria, July 15-18, 2019 : proceedings / Jong Mun Park, Dong Ryeol Whang, editorsSingapore : Springer, [2021]
Q179.9 .E26 2019The economics of big science : essays by leading scientists and policymakers / Hans Peter Beck, Panagiotis Charitos, editors foreword by Rolf-Dieter HeuerCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2021]
Q180.55.M67Poiesis & praxisBerlin : Springer-Verlag, 2001-
Q181 .R473 2020Repères contemporains pour l'éducation aux sciences et à la technologie / sous la direction principale de Patrice Potvin et Marianne BissonnetteQuebec : Les Presses de l'Université Laval, [2020]
Q181.A1Asia-Pacific science educationCham : Springer International Publishing
Q183.9Data science and engineeringBerlin : Springer, published on behalf of the China Computer Foundation, 2016-
QC1-75Angelo Secchi and nineteenth century science : the multidisciplinary contributions of a pioneer and innovator / L. Chinnici, G. Consolmagno, editorsCham : Springer, [2021]
QC1-75SEARCH FOR TTH PRODUCTION IN THE H BB DECAY CHANNEL : using deep learning techniques with... the cms experiment[S.l.] : SPRINGER, 2021
QC1-75The Catalogue of Computational Material Models : Basic Geometrically Linear Models In 1DCham : Springer International Publishing AG, 2021
QC173.454Reshaping of Dirac cones in topological insulators and graphene / Álvaro Díaz FernándezCham : Springer, [2021]
QC173.6General relativity and cosmology : a first encounter / Ronald J. AdlerCham : Springer, [2021]
QC174.12Do wave functions jump? : perspectives of the work of GianCarlo Ghirardi / Valia Allori, Angelo Bassi, Detlef Dürr, Nino Zanghi, editorsCham : Springer, [2021]
QC174.17.P7Few body dynamics, Efimov effect and Halo nuclei / Vidya Sagar Bhasin, Indranil MazumdarCham : Springer, 2021
QC174.17.S9Symmetry Breaking / Franco StrocchiBerlin, Germany : Springer, [2021]
QC176.8.N35Nanomaterials and nanocomposites, nanostructure surfaces, and their applications : selected proceedings of the 7th international conference Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials (NANO2019), 27-30 August 2019, Lviv, Ukraine / Olena Fesenko, Leonid Yatsenko, ediCham : Springer, [2021]
QC20 .M38 2021Mathematical challenges of zero-range physics : models, methods, rigorous results, open problems / Alessandro Michelangeli, editorCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2021]
QC20.6 .Z54 2021Physics and finance / Volker ZiemannCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2021]
QC20.7.D52 D54 2021Differential geometry, differential equations, and mathematical physics : the Wisla 19 Summer School / Maria Ulan, Eivind Schneider, editorsCham : Birkhäuser, [2021]
QC24.5Don't be afraid of physics : quantum mechanics, relativity and cosmology for everyone / Ross Barrett, Pier Paolo DelsantoCham : Springer, [2021]
QC355.3Structured singular light fields / Eileen OtteCham : Springer, [2021]
QC6 .P56 2021Mind and the cosmic order : how the mind creates the features & structure of all things, and why this insight transforms physics / Charles PinterCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2021]
QC71.82-73.8Phasors for Measurement and ControlCham : Springer International Publishing AG, 2021
QC770 .A38 2021Advances in nuclear physics : structure and reactions / Rajeev K. Puri, Joerg Aichelin, Sakshi Gautam, Rohit Kumar, editorsSingapore : Springer, [2021]
QC776 .W38 2021Analyzing power measurement for p + 3He elastic scattering at intermediate energies / Atomu WatanabeSingapore : Springer, [2021]
QC793.5.B62The physics of the dark photon : a primer / Marco Fabbrichesi, Emidio Gabrielli, Gaia LanfranchiCham : Springer, [2021]
QC793.5.E62Work function and band alignment of electrode materials : the art of interface potential for electronic devices, solar cells, and batteries / Michiko YoshitakeTokyo : Springer, 2021
QC793.5.N42 M64 2021The neutrino story : one tiny particle's grand role in the cosmos / Rabindra N. MohapatraCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2021]
QC793.9 .I58 2018Compound-nuclear reactions : proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Compound-Nuclear Reactions and Related Topics CNR*18 / edited by Jutta Escher [and six others]Cham : Springer, [2021]
QC795.32.S3Safety for particle accelerators / Thomas OttoCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2021]
QD505 .S96 2009ebSynthesis of Solid Catalysts / edited by Krijn P. de JongWeinheim : Wiley-VCH, [2009]
QH505 .N66Nonlinear biomedical physics[London] : BioMed Central, [2007]-
QH505.A1PMC biophysicsLondon : PhysMed Central
QH506 .P57 2021Active matter within and around us : from self-propelled particles to flocks and living forms / Len PismenCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2021]
QH603.C43 N82Nuclear receptor[London] : BioMed Central, [2003-©2007]
R857.M3Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine<1997-> : [Andover, Hants, United Kingdom] : Chapman and Hall
R857.M3Biomedical materials / Roger Narayan, editorCham : Springer, [2021]
R857.N34Nanotechnology in medicine / Vishnu Kirthi Arivarasan, Karthik Loganathan, Pushpamalar Janarthanan, editorsCham : Springer, [2021]
R857.O6Biomedical and resonance optics : theory and practice / Leonid V. Tanin, Andrei L. TaninCham : Springer, [2021]
TA1522 .P43 2020Quantum photonics / Thomas P. PearsallCham : Springer, 2020
TA401-492Advanced Materials for Future Terahertz Devices, Circuits and SystemsSingapore : Springer Singapore Pte. Limited, 2021
TA401-492Rare Metal Technology 2021Cham : Springer International Publishing AG, 2021
TA401-492Energy Technology 2021 : Carbon Dioxide Management and Other TechnologiesCham : Springer International Publishing AG, 2021
TA401-492Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery : Concepts and ApplicationsCham : Springer International Publishing AG, 2021
TA401-492Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2021Cham : Springer International Publishing AG, 2021
TA404.2Mechanics of advanced materials and modern processesLondon : SpringerOpen, 2015-
TA418.72Friction2013- : Hongkong : Tsinghua University Press, 2013-
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