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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

September, 2021
Call Number Title Publisher
Q180.57 .Q35 2021Quality assurance implementation in research labs / Akshay Anand, editorSingapore : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
QC16.E5Einstein Before Israel : Zionist Icon or Iconoclast? / Ze'ev Rosenkranz.Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2011
QC16.F34 M37 2020A Radiant Life : the Honourable Sylvia Fedoruk, Scientist, Sports Icon, and Stateswoman / Merle MassieRegina, Saskatchewan, Canada : University of Regina Press, [2020];"©2020"
QC173.98 .H45 2021The quantum theory-- origins and ideas : a historical primer for physics students / Carl S. HelrichCham : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
QC174.17.B6Journey to the bound states / Paul HoyerCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2021
QC174.17.M4 B43 2021Local quantum measurement and relativity / Christian BeckCham : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
QC174.85.P45Complex media and percolation theory / Muhammad Sahimi, Allen G. Hunt, editorsNew York, NY : Springer, 2021
QC174.85.S34Scaling laws in dynamical systems / Edson Denis LeonelSingapore : Springer, 2021
QC20.7.N6 M36 2021The many facets of complexity science : in memory of Professor Valentin Afraimovich / Dimitri Volchenkov, editorSingapore : Springer [China] : Higher Education Press, [2021];"©2021"
QC20.7.S645Hyperspherical harmonics expansion techniques : application to problems in physics / Tapan Kumar DasNew Delhi : Springer, 2016
QC243 .G36 2021Time reversal acoustics / Woon Siong GanSingapore : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
QC611.8.O7Design of electronic devices using redox-active organic molecules and their porous coordination networks / Jaejun KimSingapore : Springer, 2021
QC762.6.S65 S73 2021Spin waves : problems and solutions / Daniel D. Stancil, Anil PrabhakarCham : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
QC793.3.Q35Holography and magnetically induced phenomena in QCD / Umut GürsoyCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2021
QC793.5.P42Progress in photon science : emerging new directions / Kaoru Yamanouchi, Alina A. Manshina, Vladimir A. Makarov, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2021
QC809.F5Geophysical fluid dynamics. II, Stratified/rotating fluid dynamics of the atmosphere-ocean / Emin ÖzsoyCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2021
R857.N34 A38 2021Advances in nanomaterials-based cell biology research / Yunfeng Lin, Ronghui Zhou, editorsSingapore : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
RA569.3 .L56 2021Auditory effects of microwave radiation / James C. LinCham : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
TA403.6Physics and mechanics of new materials and their applications : proceedings of the International Conference PHENMA 2020 / Ivan A. Parinov, Shun-Hsyung Chang, Yun-Hae Kim, Nao-Aki Noda, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2021
TA418.9.C6 A33 2021Additive and subtractive manufacturing of composites / Sanjay Mavinkere Rangappa, Munish Kumar Gupta, Suchart Siengchin, Qinghua Song, editorsSingapore : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
TA418.9.C6 H35 2021Design and manufacture of fibre-reinforced composites / Wayne Hall, Zia JavanbakhtCham : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
TA418.9.N35Nanostructured materials for environmental applications / Subramanian Balakumar, Valérie Keller, M. V. Shankar, editorsCham : Springer, 2021
TA418.9.N35Nanomaterials and nanocomposites for environmental remediation / Swatantra P. Singh, Karthik Rathinam, Tarun Gupta, Avinash Kumar Agarwal, editorsSingapore : Springer, 2021
TA418.9.T96 A38 2021Advanced applications of 2D nanostructures : emerging research and opportunities / Subhash Singh, Kartikey Verma, Chander Prakash, editorsSingapore : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
TA450 .F53 2021Fiberglass science and technology : chemistry, characterization, processing, modeling, application, and sustainability / Hong Li, editorCham : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
TA455.G65 E44 2021Electrospinning of graphene / Santosh K. Tiwari, Sumanta Sahoo, Nannan Wang, editorsCham : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
TA455.P49 V44 2021Vegetable fiber composites and their technological applications / Mohammad Jawaid, Anish Khan, editorsSingapore : Springer, [2021];"©2021"
TA455.P58Handbook of polymer and ceramic nanotechnology / Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, Sabu Thomas, editorsCham, Switzerland : Springer, 2021
TA455.P58Tribology of polymer and polymer composites for Industry 4.0 / Hemalata Jena, Jitendra Kumar Katiyar, Amar Patnaik, editorSingapore : Springer, 2021