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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

November, 2020
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Call Number Title Publisher
HV639The post-conflict environment : investigation and critique / Daniel Bertrand Monk and Jacob Mundy, editorsAnn Arbor : The University of Michigan Press, [2014]
HV640 .A2226 2020Human flow : stories from the global refugee crisis / Ai Weiwei editors, Boris Cheshirkov, Ryan Heath, Chin-chin YapPrinceton : Princeton University Press, [2020]
HV640.4.A35 .I544 2010ebDie politische Ordnung des Flüchtlingslagers : Akteure, Macht, Organisation : eine Ethnographie im Südlichen Afrika / Katharina Inhetveen Umschlagabbildung, Katharina InhetveenBielefeld, Germany : Transcript, 2010
HV640.4.G3Erstorientierung für Geflüchtete : eine Handreichung aus der Praxis Sozialer Arbeit / Silvester Popescu-Willigmann, Stefanie Ebbeler, Bernd Remmele (Hrsg.)Opladen : Verlag Barbara Budrich, 2019
HV640.4.G7 P55 2013Bad news for refugees / Greg Philo, Emma Briant and Pauline DonaldLondon : PlutoPress, 2013
HV640.4.M6 L53 2009ebCaleidoscopio del exilio : actores, memoria, identidades / Clara E. LidaMéxico, D.F. : Colegio de México, 2009
HV640.5.A3 B48 2013Survival migration : failed governance and the crisis of displacement / Alexander BettsIthaca : Cornell University Press, 2013
HV640.5.E19 D36 2018Divided loyalties : displacement, belonging and citizenship among East Timorese in West Timor / Andrey DamaledoActon, A.C.T. : ANU Press, 2018
HV640.5.S97 C66 2015eb onlineFrom negative to positive stability : how the Syrian refugee crisis can improve Jordan's outlook / by Ben ConnableSanta Monica, Calif. : RAND, [2015]
HV640.5.S97 C85 2016Rethinking coordination of services to refugees in urban areas : managing the crisis in Jordan and Lebanon / Shelly Culbertson, Olga Oliker, Ben Baruch, Ilana Blum prepared for the U.S. Department of StateSanta Monica, Calif. : RAND Corporation, [2016]
HV640.5.S97 F47 2016The consequences of chaos : Syria's humanitarian crisis and the failure to protect / Elizabeth Ferris and Kemal KirisciWashington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, [2016]
HV640.G3Zwischen Sandkasten und Abschiebung : zum Alltag junger Kinder in Unterkünften für Geflüchtete / Anne Wihstutz (Hrsg.)Opladen : Verlag Barbara Budrich, 2019
HV6419 .C458 2014ebLibya after Qaddafi : lessons and implications for the future / Christopher S. Chivvas, Jeffrey Martini prepared for the Smith Richardson Foundation [by the] International Security and Defense Policy Center of the RAND National Security Research DivisioSanta Monica, CA : RAND, c 2014
HV6431Radicalism and terrorism in the 21st century : implications for security / Anna Sroka, Fanny Castro-Rial Garrone, Rubén Darío Torres Kumbrián (eds.)Frankfurt a.M. : Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2016
HV6431Victimhood and Acknowledgement : the Other Side of Terrorism / Petra TerhoevenMünchen Wien : De Gruyter Oldenbourg, [2018]
HV6431Using behavioral indicators to help detect potential violent acts : a review of the science base / Paul K. Davis, Walter L. Perry, Ryan Andrew Brown, Douglas Yeung, Parisa Roshan, Phoenix VoorhiesSanta Monica, CA : RAND, 2013
HV6431Death and security : memory and mortality at the bombsite / Charlotte Heath-KellyManchester : Manchester University Press, 2016
HV6431 .B493eb pt. 1Beyond al-Qaeda. Part 1, The global jihadist movement / Angel Rabasa [and others]Santa Monica, CA : Rand Corp., 2006
HV6431 .B493eb pt. 2Beyond al-Qaeda. Part 2, The outer rings of the terrorist universe / Angel Rabasa [and others]Santa Monica, CA : Rand Corp., 2006
HV6431 .B737 2007ebBreaching the fortress wall : understanding terrorist efforts to overcome defensive technologies / Brian A. Jackson [and others]Santa Monica, CA : RAND Homeland Security, 2007
HV6431 .C384 2011Exploring Patterns of Behaviour in Violent Jihadist Terrorists : an analysis of six significant terrorist conspiracies in the UKSanta Monica : RAND Corporation, 2011
HV6431 .C443 2004ebConfronting the enemy within : security intelligence, the police, and counterterrorism in four democracies / Peter Chalk, William RoseanauSanta Monica, CA : RAND Corp., 2004
HV6431 .C724 2005ebDissuading terror : strategic influence and the struggle against terrorism / Kim Cragin, Scott GerwehrSanta Monica, Calif. : RAND Corp., 2005
HV6431 .C725 2004ebThe dynamic terrorist threat : an assessment of group motivations and capabilities in a changing world / Kim Cragin, Sara A. DalySanta Monica, CA : RAND Corp., 2004
HV6431 .C73 2003ebTerrorism & development : using social and economic development to inhibit a resurgence of terrorism / Kim Cragin, Peter ChalkSanta Monica, CA : Rand, 2003
HV6431 .D297 2013A computational model of public support for insurgency and terrorism : a prototype for more-general social-science modeling / Paul K. Davis and Angela O'MahonySanta Monica, CA : RAND, 2013
HV6431 .D3 2002ebDeterrence & influence in counterterrorism : a component in the war on al Qaeda / Paul K. Davis, Brian Michael JenkinsSanta Monica, Calif. : Rand, ©2002
HV6431 .D466 2011ebDeradicalizing Islamist extremists / Angel Rabasa [and others]Santa Monica, CA : RAND, ©2011
HV6431 .F554 2009ebFilm piracy, organized crime, and terrorism / Gregory F. Treverton [and others]Santa Monica, Calif. : RAND Corp., 2009
HV6431 .F74 2008ebFresh perspectives on the 'war on terror' / editors, Miriam Gani, Penelope MathewCanberra : ANU E Press, [2008]
HV6431 .H45 2013Promoting online voices for countering violent extremism / Todd C. Helmus, Erin York, Peter Chalk[Santa Monica, California?] : RAND Corporation, [2013]
HV6431 .H646 2007ebThe victims of terrorism : an assessment of their influence and growing role in policy, legislation, and the private sector / Bruce Hoffman, Anna-Britt KasupskiSanta Monica, CA : RAND Center for Terrorism Risk Management Policy, 2007
HV6431 .I53 2012ebIndividual disengagement from Al Qa'ida-influenced terrorist groups : a rapid evidence assessment to inform policy and practice in preventing terrorism / Emma Disley [and others]Santa Monica, CA : RAND Europe, 2012
HV6431 .J28eb vol. 1Aptitude for destruction. Volume 1, Organizational learning in terrorist groups and its implications for combating terrorism / Brian A. Jackson with John C. Baker [and others]Santa Monica, CA : RAND Corp., 2005
HV6431 .J28eb vol. 2Aptitude for destruction / Brian A. Jackson with John C. Baker [and others]Santa Monica, CA : RAND Corp., 2005
HV6431 .J65 2008ebHow terrorist groups end : lessons for countering Al Qa'ida / Seth G. Jones, Martin C. LibickiSanta Monica, CA : Rand, ©2008
HV6431 .M57 2017ebTarget markets : international terrorism meets global capitalism in the mall / Suzi MirganiBielefeld : Transcript Qatar : Center for International and Regional Studies, Georgetown University, [2017]
HV6431 .T51314 2013ebTerrorisme et insurrection : évolution des dynamiques conflictuelles et réponses des États / sous la direction de Aurélie Campana et Gérard HervouetQuébec (Québec) : Presses de l'Université du Québec, [2013]
HV6431 .U3466 2012Understanding and influencing public support for insurgency and terrorism / Paul K. Davis [and others]Santa Monica, CA : RAND, 2012
HV6431 .U45 2007ebUngoverned territories : understanding and reducing terrorism risks / Angel Rabasa [and others]Santa Monica, CA : RAND, ©2007
HV6431.S46655 2007 HV6431.S46655 2006 HV6431Sharing the Dragon's Teeth : Terrorist Groups and the Exchange of New TechnologiesSanta Monica : RAND Corp., 2007
HV6432Stray dogs and virtual armies : radicalization and recruitment to jihadist terrorism in the United States since 9/11 / Brian Michael JenkinsSanta Monica, CA : RAND, 2011
HV6432 .E78 2005ebEstimating terrorism risk / Henry H. Willis [and others]Santa Monica, CA : RAND, 2005
HV6432 .J46 2006ebUnconquerable nation : knowing our enemy, strengthening ourselves / Brian Michael JenkinsSanta Monica, CA : RAND Corp., 2006
HV6432 .J463 2010Would-be warriors : incidents of jihadist terrorist radicalization in the United States since September 11, 2001 / Brian Michael JenkinsSanta Monica, CA : RAND, 2010
HV6432 .L363 2006ebFreedom and information : assessing publicly available data regarding U.S. transportation infrastructure security / Eric Landree [and others]Santa Monica, CA : Rand Homeland Security, 2006
HV6432 .L53 2007ebExploring terrorist targeting preferences / Martin C. Libicki, Peter Chalk, Melanie SissonSanta Monica, CA : RAND, 2007
HV6432 .L64 2011The long shadow of 9/11 : America's response to terrorism / Brian Michael Jenkins, John Paul Godges, editors James Dobbins [and others], contributorsSanta Monica, CA : RAND, 2011
HV6432 .L66 2010ebLong-term effects of law enforcement's post-9/11 focus on counterterrorism and homeland security / Lois M. Davis [and others]Santa Monica, CA : RAND Corp., ©2010
HV6432 .M6 2012ebModeling terrorism risk to the air transportation system : an independent assessment of TSA's risk management analysis tool and associated methods / Andrew R. Morral [and others]Santa Monica, CA : Rand Corporation, 2012
HV6432.5.Q2 C45 2013North Africa's menace : AQIM's evolution and the U.S. policy response / by Christopher S. Chivvis and Andrew Liepman[Santa Monica, California?] : RAND Corporation, [2013]
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