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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

April, 2022
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Call Number Title Publisher
HV6275 .L488 1663A letter from Ireland concerning the late trayterous conspiracie in that kingdome : with an account of the principal persons engaged in itLondon : Printed for Hen. Marsh, at the Princes Arms in Chancery-Lane, 1663
HV6295.E85 T74 2019Treason : medieval and early modern adultery, betrayal, and shame / edited by Larissa TracyLeiden Boston : Brill, [2019]
HV63.U6 B57 2022The fundamental institution : poverty, social welfare, and agriculture in American poor farms / Megan BirkUrbana : University of Illinois Press, [2022]
HV6322.3.S63 C67 2021Haunted objects : spectral testimony in the Southern Cone post-dictatorship / Megan Corbin[Raleigh] : Editorial A Contracorriente, 2021
HV636 2005.G85 C645 2015ebFlood of images : media, memory, and Hurricane Katrina / by Bernie CookAustin : University of Texas Press, 2015;"©2015"
HV636 2005.L8 P53 2019Caught in the path of Katrina : a survey of the hurricane's human effects / J. Steven Picou and Keith Nicholls foreword by Lee ClarkeAustin : University of Texas Press, 2019
HV636 2005.N4Is this America? : Katrina as cultural trauma / Ron EyermanAustin : University of Texas Press, 2015
HV636 2005.N4 F67 2015ebChildren of Katrina / Alice Fothergill and Lori PeekAustin : University of Texas Press, 2015;"©2015"
HV636 2005.N4 K76 2015ebLeft to chance : Hurricane Katrina and the story of two New Orleans neighborhoods / Steve Kroll-Smith, Vern Baxter, and Pam JenkinsAustin : University of Texas Press, [2015];"©2015"
HV640 .T684 1650To the Supreame Authority of this nation, the Commons of England in Parliament assembled : the humble petition of the exiled gentleman of the jsland of Jersey, in their owne name, and in the behalf of the rest of the well-affected of that jsland[London] : [publisher not identified], [1650?]
HV6431Handbuch Radikalisierung im Jugendalter Phänomene, Herausforderungen, Prävention Björn Milbradt, Anja Frank, Frank Greuel, Maruta Herding, Mirjam Eser-Davolio, Manuela Freiheit, Christoph Günther, Alioune Niang, Nadine Jukschat, Maren Zschach, Katharina Fahrig, Marco Schott, Joachim Langner, Daniel Grunow, Armin Steil, Dirk Baier, Yvonne Krieg, Sören Kliem, Reiner Becker, Kurt Möller, Nora Fritzsche, Carmen Figlestahler, Katja Schau, Andreas Zick, Götz Nordbruch, Anna F. Scholz, Fabian VirchowLeverkusen-Opladen Verlag Barbara Budrich 2022;"©2022"
HV6431 .A8 2014At the limits of justice : women of colour on terror / edited by Suvendrini Perera and Sherene H. RazackToronto : University of Toronto Press, [2014]
HV6433.P42 M68446 2020ebWith masses and arms : Peru's Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement / Miguel La SernaChapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, [2020]
HV6439.U7 L78 1988Barrio gangs : street life and identity in Southern California / by James Diego Vigil foreword by Robert EdgertonAustin : University of Texas Press, 1988
HV6446 .W66 2001ebOrganized crime and American power : a history / Michael WoodiwissToronto, Ont. : University of Toronto Press, [2001];"©2001"
HV6452.5The Italian antimafia, new media, and the culture of legality /! edited by Robin Pickering-IazziToronto University of Toronto Press, [2017];"©2017"
HV6452.5Story-takers : public pedagogy, transitional justice and italy's non-violent protest against ... the mafia[Place of publication not identified] : University of Toronto Press, 2017
HV6459How did black women in the NAACP promote the Dyer Anti-lynching Bill, 1918-1923? / by Angelica Mungarro, under the supervision of Karen AndersonBinghamton, NY : State University of New York, 2002
HV6464How did black and white Southern women campaign to end lynching, 1890-1942? / by Thomas Dublin, Kathryn Kish Sklar, and Karen VillBinghamton, NY : State University of New York, 1999
HV6465.T4 S46 2022Lynching and leisure : race and the transformation of mob violence in Texas / Terry Anne ScottFayetteville : University of Arkansas Press, 2022;"©2022"
HV6491.C3 W65 2012The rebels : a brotherhood of outlaw bikers / Daniel R. WolfToronto, Ontario : University of Toronto Press, 2012
HV6533.M2 R63 2014ebMystery on the Isles of Shoals : Closing the Case on the Smuttynose Ax Murders of 1873 / J. Dennis RobinsonNew York : Skyhorse Publishing, [2014];"©2014"
HV6534.J36 A37 2004ebLong dark road : Bill King and murder in Jasper, Texas / Ricardo C. Ainslie photographs by Sarah WilsonAustin : University of Texas Press, 2004
HV6534.L37 D4 2003ebA law for the lion : a tale of crime and injustice in the borderlands / Beatriz de la GarzaAustin, TX : University of Texas Press, 2003
HV6535 .E5A true narrative of a most barbarous and bloody murther committed in Wood-Street, upon the 25th day of January, 1690[London?] : Printed for John Millet, 1690
HV6535.C33 P76 2011ebThe Lazier murder : Prince Edward County, 1884 / Robert J. SharpeToronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, [2011];"(Saint-Lazare
HV6535.E5 L663 1691A London Tory vying in cruelty with an Irish rapparee, or, An account of a most barbarous murder : committed upon Sunday the 22d day of March 1694, in Goodman's-Fields. by James Selby, a distiller : with brief hints of the murderer's former conversation and practicesLondon : Printed for Ellis Brand, without Bishopsgate, 1691
HV6535.E5 T784 1682A true account from Chichester, concerning the death of Habin the informer : whom, contrary to all truth, two infamous and impudent lyars, have published to be barbarously murdered : one affirming it to be done by the dissenters at Chichester, the other by the coachman of Richard Farington, Esq. : with a relation of the most malicious design to make Mr. Farington himself guilty of the said pretended murder : published for the sake of truth[Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], [1682]
HV6535.G5I74 T784 1688A true relation of several most barbarous and bloudy murthers, in several countries in Ireland : as they were abstracted out of certain examinations raken by several commissions, under the great seal of Ireland : with a letter of Mr. Tennison, minister, written to a great lord, concerning several murthers and massacres committed thereLondon : Printed for J. Conyers, at the sign of the Black Raven near st. Andrews Church in Holborn, [between 1688 and 1695?]
HV6593.G7Illicit and unnatural practices : the law, sex and society in scotland since 1900 / Roger DavidsonEdinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2018
HV6626Pratiques et Recherches Féministes en Matière de Violence Conjugale : Coconstruction des Connaissances et ExpertisesQuébec : Presses de l'Université du Québec, 2022
HV6661.M22 C43 2016ebThe Great Mars Hill Bank Robbery / Ron ChaseCamden, Maine : Down East Books, 2016
HV6665.G7 L677 1700An account of the behaviour, confessions, and dying-speeches of the condemn'd criminals, that were executed at Tyburn, on Friday, December the 20th. 1700London : Printed for E. Mallet, at the Hat and Hawk in Bride Lane, 1700
HV6665.G7 S436 1676The second part of the discovery of thieves, or, A fare warning for house-keepers, and all travellers : being a discovery of all sort of theives and robbers which go under these titles, the horse-padd, the foot-padd, the prigger of prancers and the dunneker, the huff or hector, the buttock and foyl, the stroler, the nightwalker : with directions how to prevent them : also an exact description of every one of their practices / written by one who was a prisoner at Newgate with allowanceLondon : Printed for J. Newton, 1676
HV6685.G72 T753 1695The trials of William Bythell, William Hartley, William Ladds, and Thomas Tothill, at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bayly for misdemeanors : whereas several great criminals, in the sessions paper, are printed under concealed characters, that were designed to be made known as examples to others : this is by special order of the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Lane, Kt. Lord Mayor of the city of London, published, that their names and trials more at large may appearLondon : Printed for Richard Baldwin, near the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane, 1695
HV6699.G7February the 25th 1663 : to coachmen, porters, watermen, and all other persons whatsoever[England : publisher not identified, 1663]
HV6699.G7A true character of injustice and oppression, or, A relation of the suit in Chancery between Harris and Ward, contracted by Ward[London : publisher not identified, 1650]
HV6722.G7 W376 1663A warning-piece to all gamesters, or, The bloody murther committed upon Mr. Edward Price a lawyers clarke of the Temple, as he passed from the gaming-house in Little Lincolns-Inn-Fields on Saturday morning being the 20th of June, 1663 : with the manner how he was killd at the end of Portugal-Row, by two game-sters, who (after he had won near two hundred pound in gold and silver) persued him, and bid him stand, and drawing upon him, ran him into the right breast and neck, and also wounded him in the left arm, whereby he fell down dead, and they seized on his rapier, cut out his pockets, took away all his mony, hat and cloak, and so betook themselves to flight, one of the murtheres (nam'd Digby) being discovered by a box-keeper belonging to the ordinary, who was teken upon suspicion : also the verdict of the coroner and his jury, who sat upon the murthered gentleman at the Nags-Head near Turn-Style, on Saturday in the afternoonLondon : Printed for G. Branthwick, 1663
HV6771.C2 B43 2007Money laundering in Canada : chasing dirty and dangerous dollars / Margaret E. Beare and Stephen SchneiderToronto : University of Toronto Press, [2007];"©2007"
HV6793.T4 T56 2007ebTexas Monthly on-- Texas true crime / from the editors of Texas monthly introduction by Evan Smith, editorAustin : University of Texas Press, 2007
HV6947 .C664 1700The confessions, behaviour, and dying speeches, of the criminals that were executed at Tyburn the sixth of September, 1700London : Printed for E. Mallet, at the Hat and Hawk in Bride-Lane, 1700
HV707 ?b J48 2015ebJeunesse en tête : au-delà du risque de maltraitance, les besoins de developpement des enfants / sous la direction de Marie-Andree Poirier, Sophie Leveille et Marie-Ève ClementQuebec : Presses de l'Universite du Quebec, 2015
HV707 ?b J48 2015ebJeunesse en tête : au-delà du risque de maltraitance, les besoins de developpement des enfants / sous la direction de Marie-Andree Poirier, Sophie Leveille et Marie-Ève ClementQuebec : Presses de l'Universite du Quebec, 2015
HV713 .L46 2007ebLooking after children : a practitioner's guide / Raymond Lemay and Hayat GhazalOttawa [Ont.] : University of Ottawa Press, ©2007
HV713 .L46 2007ebLooking after children : a practitioner's guide / Raymond Lemay and Hayat GhazalOttawa [Ont.] : University of Ottawa Press, ©2007
HV715The failure of child support : gendered systems of inaccessibility, inaction and irresponsibility[S.l.] : POLICY PRESS, 2022
HV741 .R39 2020ebAbusive policies : how the American child welfare system lost its way / Mical RazChapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2020];"©2020"
HV741 .R39 2020ebAbusive policies : how the American child welfare system lost its way / Mical RazChapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2020];"©2020"
HV7419 .Q44 2022Queering criminology in theory and praxis : reimagining justice in the criminal legal system and beyond / edited by Carrie L. Buist and Lindsay Kahle SemprevivoBristol, UK : Bristol University Press, 2022;"©2022"
HV7914 .C838 2021ebGot Warrants? : Dispatches from the Dooryard / Timothy CottonLanham, MD : Down East Books, [2021]
HV7936.P75The Policing Mind [electronic resource] : Developing Trauma Resilience for a New EraBristol : Policy Press, 2022
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