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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

May, 2023
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Call Number Title Publisher
HV8073 .F67 2020Forensic science and humanitarian action : interacting with the dead and the living / edited by Roberto C. Parra, Sara C. Zapico, Douglas H. UbelakerHoboken, NJ : John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated, 2020
HV8073 .G64 2019ebEffective interviewing and interrogation techniques / Nathan J. Gordon, William L. FleisherLondon : Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, [2019]
HV8073 .G888 2018The psychology of false confessions : forty years of science and practice / Gisli H. GudjonssonHoboken, NJ : John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated, 2018
HV8073 .G889 2003ebThe psychology of interrogations and confessions : a handbook / Gisli H GudjonssonChichester, West Sussex, England Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, [2003]
HV8073 .H258 2009ebHandbook of psychology of investigative interviewing : current developments and future directions / edited by Ray Bull, Tim Valentine and Tom WilliamsonChichester, U.K. Malden, Mass. : Wiley-Blackwell, 2009
HV8073 .H776 2018The science of crime scenes / Max M. Houck, Frank Crispino, Terry McAdamLondon, United Kingdom San Diego, CA : Academic Press, [2018]
HV8073 .I4424 2012Infrared and Raman spectroscopy in forensic science / edited by John M. Chalmers, Howell G.M. Edwards, Michael D. HargreavesChichester, West Sussex, UK Hoboken : Wiley, 2012
HV8073 .K39 1995ebScience and the detective : selected reading in forensic science / Brian H. KayeWeinheim New York : VCH, 1995
HV8073 .L33495 2023Leading edge techniques in forensic trace evidence analysis : more new trace analysis methods / edited by Robert D. BlackledgeHoboken, NJ : John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated, 2023
HV8073 .M55 2019The crime scene : a visual guide / Marilyn T. Miller, Peter MasseyLondon, United Kingdom San Diego, CA : Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, [2019]
HV8073 .T66 2009ebUnderstanding criminal investigation / Stephen Tong, Robin P. Bryant, Miranda A.H. HorvathChichester, UK Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2009
HV8073 .Y475 2021Investigations and the art of the interview / Inge Sebyan Black and Lawrence J. FennellyOxford Cambridge, MA : Butterworth-Heinemann, [2021]
HV8073.3Communication in investigative and legal contexts : integrated approaches from forensic psychology, linguistics and law enforcement / edited by Gavin Oxburgh, Trond Myklebust, Tim Grant and Rebecca MilneChichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom : John Wiley and Sons, 2015
HV8073.5Handbook of Trace Evidence AnalysisNewark : John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated, 2020
HV8073.5Cyber forensics : from data to digital evidence / Albert J. Marcella, Ph. D., CISA, CISM, Frederic Guillossou, Fredrick Guillossou, CISSP, CCEHoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, 2012
HV8074Forensic handwriting identification : fundamentals, concepts and principals / by Ron MorrisAmsterdam : Academic Press, 2015
HV8074 .M64 2019Forensic examination of signatures / Linton A. MohammedSan Diego, CA : Academic Press, [2019]
HV8077Shooting incident reconstruction / Michael G. Haag, Lucien C. HaagLondon, United Kingdom : Academic Press, [2021]
HV8077Forensic firearm examination / Chris MonturoLondon, United Kingdom : Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, 2019
HV8077 .H43 2008ebHandbook of firearms and ballistics : examining and interpreting forensic evidence / by Brian J. HeardChichester, West Sussex, England New York : Wiley and Sons, [2008]
HV8077 .N53 2018Firearm and toolmark identification : the scientific reliability of the forensic science discipline / Ronald NicholsLondon, United Kingdom : Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, [2018]
HV8077.5.B56 D45 2021Blood traces : interpretation of deposition and distribution / Peter R. De Forest, Peter A. Pizzola, Brooke W. KammrathHoboken, NJ : John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated, 2021
HV8077.5.T66The forensic examination and interpretation of tool marks / David Baldwin, John Birkett, Owen Facey, Gilleon RabeyChichester, West Sussex : John Wiley and Sons Incorporated, 2013
HV8078 .D463 2015Detecting deception : current challenges and cognitive approaches / edited by Pär Anders Granhag, Aldert Vrij, and Bruno VerschuereHoboken : Wiley, 2015
HV8079.C46Tell me what happened : questioning children about abuse / Michael E. Lamb, Deirdre A Brown, Irit Hershkowitz, Yael Orbach, Phillip W. EsplinHoboken : Wiley, [2018]
HV8079.C46 L36 2008Tell me what happened : structured investigative interviews of child victims and witnesses / Michael E. Lamb [and others]Chichester, England Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell, [2008]
HV8079.C65Digital forensics / edited by André ÅrnesHoboken, NJ : John Wiley and Sons Incorporated, 2018
HV8079.C65Digital forensics and Internet of Things / editors: Anita Gehlot, Rajesh Singh, Jaskaran Singh, Neeta Raj SharmaHoboken, NJ : Wiley Beverly, MA : Scrivener Publishing, 2022
HV8079.C65Cybercrime investigators handbook / Graeme Edwards, PhDHoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated, [2020]
HV8079.C65The trace odyssey. 1 : a journey beyond appearances / Béatrice Galinon-MélénecLondon, UK : ISTE, Limited Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2021
HV8079.C65Investigative computer forensics : the practical guide for lawyers, accountants, investigators, and business / Erik Laykin, CHFI, CEDSHoboken : John Wiley, 2013
HV8079.C65 C933 2023ebCyber investigations : a research based textbook for advanced studies / edited by André ÅrnesHoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2023
HV8079.C65 F87 2018Investigating cryptocurrencies : understanding, extracting, and analyzing blockchain evidence / Nick Furneaux, [foreward by Prof. William Kottenbelt]Indianapolis, IN : Wiley, ©2018
HV8079.C65 S44 2007ebComputer forensics : an essential guide for accountants, lawyers, and managers / Michael SheetzHoboken, N.J. : John Wiley and Sons, [2007]
HV8079.C65 T76 2020Hunting cyber criminals : a hacker's guide to online intelligence gathering tools and techniques / Vinny TroiaIndianapolis, Indiana : Wiley, [2020]
HV8079.F7Bribery and corruption casebook : the view from under the table / edited by Joseph T. Wells, Laura HymesHoboken, N.J. : John Wiley and Sons, [2012]
HV8079.F7Fraud examination casebook with documents : a hands-on approach / William H. Beecken, Clark A. BeeckenHoboken, NJ : John and Wiley Sons, 2017
HV8079.F7 C62 2009ebComputer-aided fraud prevention and detection : a step-by-step guide / David CoderreHoboken, N.J. : John Wiley and Sons, [2009]
HV8079.F7 C627 2009ebFraud analysis techniques using ACL / David CoderreHoboken, N.J. : John Wiley and Sons, [2009]
HV8079.F7 S55 2012ebForensic accounting and fraud investigation for non-experts / Howard Silverstone [and others]Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, [2012]
HV8079.F7 S68 2014ebFraud analytics : strategies and methods for detection and prevention / Delena D. SpannHoboken, N.J. : John Wiley and Sons, [2014]
HV8079.F7 T53 2010How to be a successful frauditor : a practical guide to investigating fraud in the workplace for internal auditors and managers / Peter TicknerChichester : Wiley, 2010
HV8079.F7 T534 2012The Successful Frauditor's CasebookHoboken : Wiley, 2012
HV8079.F7 V66 2011ebThe fraud audit : responding to the risk of fraud in core business systems / Leonard W. VonaHoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2011
HV8079.F7 W54 2022Data sleuth : using data in forensic accounting engagements and fraud investigations / Leah WietholterHoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated, [2022]
HV8079.F7G84 2011A Guide to Forensic Accounting InvestigationHoboken : John Wiley and Sons, 2011
HV8079.M64Introduction to money laundering deterrence / Dennis CoxChichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom : Wiley, 2011
HV8079.M64 .C384 2012Corporate Fraud and Internal Control + Software Demo : a Framework for PreventionNew York : Wiley, 2012
HV8079.M64 Y57 2021Anti-money laundering transaction monitoring systems implementation : finding anomalies / Derek Chau, Maarten van Dijck NemcsikHoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated, [2021]
HV8079.W47 B65 2010ebFraud auditing and forensic accounting / Tommie W. Singleton, Aaron J. SingletonHoboken, N.J. : Wiley, [2010]
HV8079.W58Wildlife DNA analysis : applications in forensic science / Adrian A. Linacre, Flinders Uiversity, Adelaide, Australia, and Shanan S. Tobe, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UKChichester, West Sussex, UK : John Wiley and Sons Incorporated, 2013
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