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This specialized list of New Acquisitions at Fogler Library is derived from the newest complete, monthly list of recently cataloged items found at

August, 2021
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Call Number Title Publisher
HV6431 .U54 2010ebUnderstanding Terror : Perspectives for CanadiansCalgary : University of Calgary Press, 2010
HV6432 .K344 2021Homegrown hate : why white nationalists and militant Islamists are waging war against the United States / Sara KamaliOakland, California : University of California Press, [2021]
HV6432 .P4725 2020American zealots : inside right-wing domestic terrorism / Arie PerligerNew York : Columbia University Press, [2020]
HV6432 .R547 2015ebAngel patriots : the crash of United Flight 93 and the myth of America / Alexander T. RileyNew York : New York University Press, [2015]
HV6432.7Zeitenwende 9/11? : Eine transatlantische BilanzLeverkusen-Opladen : Budrich, Barbara, 2016
HV6432.7 .T558 2017ebFrom memory to memorial : Shanksville, America, and Flight 93 / J. William ThompsonUniversity Park, Pennsylvania : The Pennsylvania State University Press, [2017]
HV6433.86 .L48 2007On nuclear terrorism / Michael LeviCambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press : 2007;"In cooperation with the Council on Foreign Relations
HV6433.A7 S88 2018ebSurviving state terror : women's testimonies of repression and resistance in Argentina / Barbara SuttonNew York : New York University Press, [2018]
HV6433.C6 A174 2012ebGeografías de la memoria : posiciones de las víctimas en Colombia en el periodo de justicia transicional (2005-2010) / Óscar Fernando Acevedo ArangoBogotá : Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2012
HV6433.E85El terrorismo en la Europa del bienestar : del mayo del 68 a la caida del Muro[S.l.] : DYKINSON, 2020
HV6433.G3Die Rote Armee FraktionC.H. Beck, 2017
HV6433.G3 .S253 2016ebIslamischer Staat : IS-Miliz, al-Qaida und die deutschen BrigadenMünchen : C.H. Beck, 2015
HV6433.I722Das digitale Kalifat: Die geheime Macht des Islamischen Staates / Abdel Bari Atwan aus dem Englischen von Laura Su BischoffMünchen : C.H. Beck, [2016]
HV6433.I722Nur wenn du allein kommst : eine Reporterin hinter den Fronten des Dschihad / Souad Mekhennet aus dem Englischen von Sky NonhoffMünchen : C.H. Beck, [2017]
HV6433.I722 A392 2019ebMedia persuasion in the Islamic State / Neil Krishan AggarwalNew York : Columbia University Press, [2019]
HV6433.I722 I8564 2017ebWith ash on their faces : Yezidi women and the Islamic State / Cathy OttenNew York : OR Books, [2017]
HV6433.L3 W46 2005ebWhen states kill : Latin America, the U.S., and technologies of terror / edited by Cecilia Menjívar and Néstor RodríguezAustin : University of Texas Press, 2005
HV6433.M6282 I57 2017ebEstado islámicoMedellín : Universidad del Norte, 2017
HV6433.N62Overcoming Boko Haram : faith, society & Islamic radicalization in northern Nigeria / edited by Abdul Raufu Mustapha and Kate MeagherWoodbridge, Suffolk : James Currey, [2020]
HV6433.S7Sobre el terrorismoMadrid : Dykinson, 2018
HV6433.S72 ebookMisivas del terror : análisis ético-político de la extorsión y la violencia de ETA contra el mundo empresarial / Izaskun Sáez de la Fuente Aldama (edition)Madrid : Marcial Pons Historia, 2017
HV6439.C72 M4713 1992Born to die in Medellín / Alonso Salazar translated by Nick Caistor introduction by Colin HardingLondon : Latin America Bureau, [1992]
HV6439.G7Gangs, drugs and (dis)organised crime / Robert McLeanBristol : Bristol University Press, 2019
HV6439.S2 W65 2017Mano Dura : the politics of gang control in El Salvador / Sonja WolfAustin : University of Texas Press, 2017
HV6439.S6 K96 2005ebWe are fighting the world : a history of the Marashea gangs in South Africa, 1947-1999 / Gary KynochAthens, Ohio : Ohio University Press, [2005]
HV6439.U5 G384 2010Who you claim : performing gang identity in school and on the streets / Robert GarotNew York : New York University Press, [2010]
HV6439.U5 M687 2019Getting out : youth gangs, violence and positive change / Keith MortonAmherst : University of Massachusetts Press, [2019]
HV6439.U5 P36 2017ebThe gang's all queer : the lives of gay gang members / Vanessa R. PanfilNew York : New York University Press, [2017]
HV6439.U7 A837 2020ebViews from the streets the transformation of gangs and violence on Chicago's South Side Roberto AspholmNew York Columbia University Press [2020]
HV6439.U7 C349 2005ebClean streets : controlling crime, maintaining order, and building community activism / Patrick J. CarrNew York : New York University Press, [2005]
HV6439.U7 C387 2020Ballad of the bullet : gangs, drill music, and the power of online infamy / Forrest StuartPrinceton : Princeton University Press, [2020]
HV6439.U7 O195 2003ebHomegirls in the public sphere / Marie Keta MirandaAustin : University of Texas Press, 2003
HV6441 .R281 2016No quieren cambiarMadrid : Dykinson, 2016
HV6452.N72 M345 1999ebGotham unbound : how New York City was liberated from the grip of organized crime / James B. Jacobs with Coleen Friel and Robert RadickNew York : New York University Press, [1999]
HV6453.G3Bandenland : Deutschland im Visier von organisierten Kriminellen / Olaf SundermeyerMünchen : C.H. Beck, 2017
HV6453.L29Gewalt, Organisierte Kriminalität und Staat in LateinamerikaLeverkusen-Opladen : Barbara Budrich-Esser, 2013
HV6453.R8 L67 2017ebLa mafia rusaMadrid : Dykinson, 2017
HV6457 .H55 2008Men, mobs, and law : anti-lynching and labor defense in U.S. radical history / Rebecca N. HillDurham : Duke University Press, 2008
HV6457 .O74 2019Lynching : violence, rhetoric, and American identity / Ersula J. OreJackson : University Press of Mississippi, [2019]
HV6465.A8 B85 2018ebBullets and fire : lynching and authority in Arkansas, 1840-1950 / edited by Guy LancasterFayetteville : University of Arkansas Press, 2016
HV6465.S6 G73 2019They stole him out of jail : Willie Earle, South Carolina's last lynching victim / William B. GravelyColumbia, South Carolina : The University of South Carolina Press, [2019]
HV6465.T4 B67 2006ebA hanging in Nacogdoches : murder, race, politics, and polemics in Texas's oldest town, 1870-1916 / Gary B. BordersAustin : University of Texas Press, 2006
HV6468.C2 G66 2006Lynching in the West, 1850-1935 / Ken Gonzales-DayDurham : Duke University Press, 2006
HV6471.M6 K56 2020ebIn the Vortex of Violence : Lynching, Extralegal Justice, and the State in Post-Revolutionary Mexico / Gema Kloppe-SantamaríaOakland, California University of California Press [2020]
HV6505 .M385 2018ebMassacres : bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology approaches / edited by Cheryl P. Anderson and Debra L. Martin foreword by Clark LarsenGainesville : University of Florida Press, 2018
HV6524 .H28 1998ebMurder most foul : the killer and the American Gothic imagination / Karen HalttunenCambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1998
HV6524 .R68 2009ebAmerican homicide / Randolph RothCambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2009
HV6533.C2 M185 2020ebMass murder in California's empty quarter : a tale of tribal treachery at the Cedarville Rancheria / Ray A. MarchLincoln : University of Nebraska Press, [2020]
HV6533.S85 S26 2020ebMurder on the Ohio Belle / Stuart SandersLexington : University Press of Kentucky, 2020
HV6534.C4 A35 2006First in violence, deepest in dirt : homicide in Chicago, 1875-1920 / Jeffrey S. AdlerCambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2006
HV6534.M4 D84 2000Sapphic slashers : sex, violence, and American modernity / Lisa DugganDurham, NC : Duke University Press, [2000]
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