Orders: Backbuys for Journals

Purpose:  The process of noting and subsequently ordering missing journal issues.

  1. Journal issues with a Claim 2 or Late 2 status in the checkin box are subject to backbuy review.  Notice may come from various staff processes but most alerts from bindery Assistants who note when preparing volumes for commercial binding.
  2. Fill out one yellow backbuy card per journal title.  The card should include the following:
    • Journal title (top line)
    • Check the appropriate box:  “Periodical Missing” or “Not Received From”
    • Bib records number (upper right-hand corner of card)
    • Issue information:  Volume, Number, Day and Year
    • Under “Claimed”:  Fill in how many times the issue has been claimed (ex. 2x)
    • Check shelves to be sure the journal issue hasn’t been mistakenly shelved.  If not on shelf, under “Searched” write:  NOS (not on shelf), date, and your initials  (ex.  NOS 5/5/08 CY)
  3. Check sources such as EBSCONET or the order record to confirm information such as:
    • ISSN #  (especially helpful for confirming titles in multiple parts: A, B, C, etc.
    • frequency
    • any notes regarding publication delays
    • subscription format(s): online only, print + online, etc.
  4. Determine whether we are entitled to print, online, or both formats.  Write this information anywhere on the card.
  5. Pass on backbuy cards to Sharon.  She will forward on to Head of Collections as needed for decision.
  6. If Sharon decides NOT to backbuy the issue:
    • Change the box in the appropriate record to read, “NOT REC’D”
  7. Send the yellow backbuy card to Acquisitions, who will note in the checkin record (ex TBB: V34#2 Sep. ’05) then process the order.

Contact: um.library.technical.services@maine.edu

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