Serials Processing: Checking in Standing Orders

Purpose: To check in new volumes that arrive as part of a standing order series subscription.

Deliveries can arrive daily in the afternoon. Materials for Monograph Acquisitions and periodicals are pulled first. Check in the mailroom for the cart labeled “Serials Acquisitions*” Materials usually arrive packaged, as Circulation employees do not open large boxes.

Remove all packing materials. Cardboard boxes go in the corner for later use. Any envelopes that can be reused are placed in envelope box beneath work table. Thick, crumpled-up packing paper is saved for later use either in box or bags beneath Monographs work table (do not throw this paper in recycle bin as it cannot be recycled—it gets caught up in the machinery). Any bubble wrap, plastic wrap, styrofoam peanuts, or other packing materials can be discarded.

Watch for invoices that may have come along with the shipments while unpacking. Some vendors pack the invoices in the boxes with the materials, others attach them to the outside of the box with tape and/or inside an envelope. Packing slips can be discarded (they generally have a zero balance), but when in doubt, save everything.

Periodicals, microfilm, and monographs have a habit of working their way onto our cart. If you recognize something as a periodical, it can be given to Rosie. All microfilm goes to Rosie. Anything that seems to be “mystery mail” should be investigated. It may be a monograph order, which goes to Monograph Acquisitions, or it could be an unsolicited gift, in which case it goes to Kathleen Brown in Monographs for Deb to decide whether to keep or discard.

Checking In Volumes

When checking in a specific volume, be aware of the checkin card as a whole and information in subsequent and previous boxes. You may have to alter the parameters of a card to reflect a change in frequency as indicated in the new volume or to reflect the current pattern of receipt for irregularly received volumes. Irregularly received is the most common pattern, followed by annuals. Fixed field value for irregular journals is “-“ in the checkin record fixed field area.

Once you have found the correct record:

  1. Glance through volume to be sure physically intact (ie. all pages right side up, etc.)
    • Open Millennium Serials module. Search by title recommended.
    • If the title in the bib record does not match the volume in hand set aside as a title change
    • Double click on oro checkin record. Should default to checkin card.
    • If you are going to check in the LAST box created or no expected box is available, first add a range of boxes
    • Select the box you are going to use to check in. If all the information is correct (year, vol/issue number), click the Checkin button.
    • If any element in the box needs changing, follow procedure to modify a box
    • If item is cat sep, be sure to enter the title in the note field of the checkin box in ALL CAPS.   Examples include:
      • Acta Horticultura
      • Adelphi Papers
      • American Jurisprudence
      • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
      • Wesleyan poetry – series statement hard to spot.  Insert from Blackwells very helpful for ID of this series.  Discard after using.  (Note: Or try CIP for series title in parentheses)
      • Feminist Press – again hard to spot.  Look for logo.  Come from Bookhouse and series noted on invoice
      • ALA monographs – not a true series but treated as such for checkin purposes
    • Be sure to save changes before exiting to checkin record.
    • If the checkin card is FULL and you need to keep all of the box records, create a new checkin record.
  2. Click Record tab to look for Call # information and prepare flags.  Samples
    • Use a yellow flag and write the call # information and bib number on flag.
    • If CAT SEP, no need to write anything on flag. Just place inside book.
    • If CLASS TOG – CAT SEP, you must write the call number on the flag, as well as CLASS TOG. CAT SEP stamp. Note: Use pencil on all slips so that they may be recycled.
    • If REF or SCI REF, must use green flag WITH yellow flag. Make sure green flag lists appropriate location.
    • Other locations commonly used are Special Collections (light blue) and Darling Center (gray).
    • If book includes a CD-ROM or DVD, use orange flag in addition to yellow and/or other flags. Write DVD or CD-ROM (depending) on the orange flag.
    • If location is ‘ocper’, no slip is left in volume. Volume goes to stamping table. See checkin for stripping note. If present, place strip in volume (found on table)
    • If CAT SEP, place item on add shelf. For all other volumes, place on Pauline’s cart for her to catalog.

    When finished with a checkin session, count the number of VOLUMES and record for monthly statistics

Inserting a range of boxes:

  • Right click on last box to insert a range AFTER that box.
  • From dropdown menu, choose “Box Menu” –> “Add Issue Boxes to the End of Card”
  • A window will open to set the parameters for date, volume, issue, etc. based on previously created boxes. If the information is not correct, adjust accordingly.
  • Select the number of boxes you wish to add. Generally just 1 or two.  If the number is more than the number of open spaces on the card (Checkin cards can only hold 84 boxes), Millennium will tell you, and you must delete boxes from the top of the card (earliest boxes) in order to accommodate.
  • Click OK. The boxes should appear.
  • Save the changes before exiting.

Modify a checkin box

  • Select proper checkin record from Millennium. Should default to card.
  • From the dropdown menu, select “Box Menu” –> “Modify Boxes Individually”
  • Make changes to box and click OK
  • Save changes before exiting.

Altering Parameters of the Checkin Card (eg. Expected date, cover date or Issue Numbers)

  • Select proper checkin record from Millennium. Should default to card display.
  • Right click on the range of boxes you wish to modify
  • From the dropdown menu, select “Box Menu” –> “Update boxes as a Group”
  • In resulting dialog box, change the field desired (cover date, expected date or issue number) and click OK
  • Save changes before exiting.


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