Serials Processing: EBSCO Claim Checker Report

Purpose:  To track periodical claims proactivelyClaim Checker allows staff to make changes to claims such as reclaiming an issue or removing a claim on an issue.

Claim Checker

(View and work with online)

  • Go to EBSCOnet website:
  • Login
    • Customer Code:  RB77910
    • Username:  (Enter your assigned username)
    • Password:  (see separately)
  • From navigation menu under EBSCOnet header, hover mouse over “My Claims”, this will present drop-down menu.
  • Select “Claim Checker”.  Scroll down to view all current claims.
  • To search a particular periodical, choose a type of search (ex. title, ISSN) from the drop-down menu that says, “Title Name”.
    In blank box next to your type of search, enter the journal information accordingly.
  • Otherwise, simply scroll through titles and click on the title of your choice.
  • On check-in card, look to see if issue has been received and/or look for current claim status.
  • If a claimed issue has arrived, scroll over to the right in EBSCOnet under “Action”.  In the drop-down menu for the particular title, click “Received”.
  • From this same drop-down menu, one may select any appropriate action item button.


Reclaim:  Claim an issue again.
Re-list: Keep title on the list for next issue but no claim at this time.
Received:  A claimed issue has arrived.
Remove:  Remove a claim on an issue, generally because it has arrived (or received information from publisher or EBSCO regarding delay)


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