ERM: Closing Out E-journals

Purpose: to close out e-journal subscriptions by altering existing bib records, attached order records .  Creating attached holdings record for limited holding access may be required.

If working from a review file:

  • Open a Sierra session in CREATE LISTS mode
  • Scroll to the Orono segment of the list (about file number 129; note the prefix ‘ORO’
  • Open review file
  • Highlight title line and select “Edit” icon in top bar to open

Close out order record:

  • Click Summary icon
  • Select the attached order record
  • Select the “Status” field
  • Change the f in the status field to a z
  • Add internal note as circumstances require (eg. “Title now available in JStor)
  • Close order record; save as prompted.

Create holdings records indicating limited online access to e-journals:

  • Click on Summary icon
  • Choose Checking from the View dropdown menu
  • Click “Attach New Checkin’ button
  • Respond to subsequent dialog box prompts
    • frequency, click next
    • Label Type, click Next
    • Edit Data, click Next
    • Copies, leave at the default (1)
    • Location (Usually obper)
    • RLOC, click Next
    • Vendor, click Next
    • Identify, click Next
    • Check note, click Next
    • Lib. has, click Next
    • Ven. ADDR, click Next
    • Call #, click Next
    • In the “Create Card” dialog box, click Cancel
    • Save
    • Proceed to the “Adding and Updating Holdings” section below

New Holdings Window






  • Click Holdings in the left menu bar
  • Click on Add New Range
  • If the “Create Caption” dialog box appears, select the appropriate options for Enumeration and Chronology.
  • Uncheck “Display Caption” for levels of enumeration and chronology for a cleaner appearance on the public display
  • Click the Submit button.
  • In the “New Holdings” display, enter the volume/number(year) in the “From” and “To” fields
  • In the “Note” field enter the location in all caps (see examples below)
  • Click Apply Changes

Indicate in the bib record that online access to e-journal is limited:

  • Select Edit icon to return to the full bib record
  • Scroll cursor down to 856 41 field
  • At the end of the subfield z type: vol# [Year]-vol#[Year]
  • Click Save icon
  • Click Close item to return to review list of titles


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