Orders: EBSCO Annual Invoice Processing for Payment/EBSCO Binder

Purpose: To process for payment the annual EBSCO invoice(s) for print/print + online journal titles.  Also to create invoice binder.

The EBSCO Renewal process is generally completed and submitted to EBSCO by the end of September.  EBSCO will send the subsequent annual invoice(s) some time in late October or early November.

The print invoice usually consists of approximately 4 sequentially numbered invoices submitted in loose-leaf form with a listing of all  titles.  Darling Center titles are included with the Orono titles. EBSCO sends only one copy of the invoice.

Place paper sheets in the annual EBSCO loose-leaf binder, using colored sheets to mark the end of individual invoices to readily find subtotals.

Spot checking of entries is made, especially of those titles that have been added or canceled for the new fiscal year.

Prepare a listing of invoices and their totals for the front pocket of the binder.

Individual order records will have paylines disseminated via the EDI process.  In order to cut a single payment, the  invoices will need to be processed against four artificial order records in Millennium.  The order records are as follows:

  • 763/o7834093
  • 763e/o783410x
  • 767/o7834111
  • 768/o7834123

The invoices will have a subtotal for each fund; process each split invoice separately.  Full directions on how to process invoices are available on the Invoices page.  The vendor (EBSCO) is paid electronically via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) routine, invoice numbers will be noted on the PayMode report accompanying the electronic fund distribution.

Prior to processing invoice(s) for payment, notify the library Business Manager (via email) of dollar amount to be disbursed.  The Business Manager will alert the appropriate parties so that funds are available in the upcoming invoice payment cycle.  Copy Head of Collections and Head of Technical Services on email to library Business Manager.

Once the interface has gone through the invoices will then need to be Z’d (See If there is a Z invoice to be entered section of the Invoice procedure for complete details on how to enter Z invoices) so that the dollar amounts are not doubled in URSUS.

Contact: um.library.technical.services@maine.edu

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