Orders: Process for Setting Up Electronic Journals

Purpose: to provide bibliographic and order records for electronic journals in the catalog with hyperlinks to online access.

1. Request will arrive from the Head of Collections or a subject specialist.

2. Login to the Serials Solutions Client Center and search for the title. (note: more often than not the request will be for a collection of titles rather than individual titles.)

3. Activate the record in Serials Solutions.  In the next monthly load of new records the record will become available for attachments.

4. Create order record

  • A> Attach a new record
  • O> ORDER records
  • 2> oro accounting system [prompts for choice only 1st record in a given session]

You will be prompted to provide the following:

a. Fixed fields:

  • acq type = f (free) or c (comes with if associated with paper subscription)
  • location = oweb (Orono web resource) if the title is restricted to Orono; if access unrestricted the location=cyber
  • requestor = l (library staff)
  • div/sch= t, h or s (technology, humanities or social science)
  • cat status = <ret>
  • E price = <ret>
  • form = b (datafile)
  • fund = 763e
  • ord type = s
  • rloc = 7 (serials acquisition)
  • bloc = 7 (serials acquisition)
  • status = o (on order); change status to ‘f‘ when received
  • vendor = <ret>

b. Variable length fields:

  • R> requestor. Name of subject specialist.
  • Z> internal note. “E-subscription” OR “E-subscription comes with paper subscription”

c. I> Insert the following internal notes:

  • I> identity field: The text should be in all caps, either ELECTRONIC EDITION [use substitution phrase %ee] (when associated with a paper subscription) or ELECTRONIC JOURNAL. Use the former when the title is an electronic version of a paper subscription.
  • Contact information including network support if provided
  • Description note (password requirement, when and how to expect confirmation, initialization, etc.)

d. Be sure to add the order date. The system does NOT prompt you for this fixed field information!

e. Subject/department codes will be the same as paper with the addition of a specific code for e-journal which Mary will determine.

5. Attach item record if required:

NOTE: An attached item record is required for e-journals introduced to the catalog that do not have an associated paper subscription.  IF there is no attached check-in record for a paper version, the item record is required for public display of location information.

a. For each prompted field:

  • copy  <ret>
  • itype = 51
  • location = oweb
  • status <ret>
  • call number <ret>
  • barcode <ret>
  • volume <ret>

6. Edit bibliographic record (if record not available through Serials Solutions):

  • Add 856 field with appropriate subfield codes to facilitate URSUS web access
    • Restricted to Orono example: 856 41 |uhttp://physicsweb.org/cgi-bin/Mags/PW/latest|zRestricted access (UM)  (Note – if users must initially register for access the subfield z should read: Restricted access (UM): users must register)
  • Unrestricted example:   |uhttp://www.lib.uidaho.edu:70/docs/egj.html [Note that in this instance a subfield z is not required]
  • If password/login is required, a note should be added to instruct patrons
  • If the downloaded record contains additional 856 fields, handle as follows:
    • 856 with first indicator 0 – delete field [E-mail resource]
    • 856 with first indicator 1 – delete field [FTP resource]
    • 856 with first indicator 2 – delete field [TELNET resource]
    • 856 with first indicator 7 for gopher resource  – leave in record
    • 856 with first indicator 7 for indirect access to a web resource – delete

7. If the title is an electronic version of a paper publication,  add one of the following notes fields. [Obsolete as of FY2010]

  • Select:  “I> Insert a field” then type ‘n’If access is unrestricted, add 530 field: Recent issues are also available on the Internet via the World Wide Web.If access is restricted, add a 506 field: Available also on the Internet; restricted to institutions with a subscription and registered online access. [use substitution phrase]
  • Q> Quit
  • A> Add (order) record to database; hit space bar
  • M> Make changes permanent
  • TEST your record link using URSUS in a browser (WebPAC)

8. Notify requester who will then distribute to other appropriate staff.

Contact: um.library.technical.services@maine.edu

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