Serials Processing: Elsevier Book Serials List

Purpose:  To process list of eBook titles purchased through Elsevier.

  1. Deb will receive a spreadsheet from Elsevier with title details for purchase consideration.  She approves as is or makes adjustments.
  2. Deb then signs associated license and returns it to Elsevier.
  3. After receiving signed agreement, Elsevier generates invoice based upon stipulations in license agreement.  Deb will review invoice.
  4. Deb will email invoice and relevant title list to Serials
  5. Periodicals Specialist will first match, then activate titles in appropriate collection(s) in Serials Solutions.
  6. Serials will maintain paper and electronic copies of invoice and titles list.
  7. An example order record is:  o777459x


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