ERM: Activating eRef Book for Summon at Title Level

Purpose: To activate electronic reference books in Serials Solutions so they are discoverable in Summon (One Search) without a subsequent MARC record downloaded into URSUS when the title is available in a database that is already turned on normally.  See the following for Activating eRef Book for Summon at Database Level.

1. Starting at the home screen, do a title search for the book you would like to turn on. The first drop down arrow should say “All titles” and the title should be in the search box.SerialsSolutions opening screen for knowledge base portal




















2. Hit the green arrow to search. If the title is in SerSol’s collection it will appear. Click on the title to show the holdings.Serials Solutions title search results screen









3. Now that all of SerSol’s holdings are shown, find the relevant provider and database. Click on the “No Dates” link in the Date(s) column to get to the title level.  In this example we are choosing the “No dates listing” for “eBooks on EBSCOhost” because we our electronic reference book is provided by EBSCOhost.

Serial Solutions Dates

4. Now that you are at the title level, find and click edit in the upper right hand corner.

Serial Solutions Holdings Default

5. Find “Status” and change the drop down menu from “not Tracked” to “Subscribed” and hit save in the right hand corner.

Serial Solutions Subscribed

6. Now that you have “Subscribed” to the title, there are more details listed for the title that you can change. Go back to the right hand corner and choose “Edit” once again.

7. Uncheck the “360 MARC Updates” and “MARC-Group” options listed under “Display In”.

Serial Solutions URLs

8. Be sure to save the changes you made by hitting save in the upper right corner.

9. Add the newly activated titles to the spreadsheet on S:/Cataloging/Summon/EbooksforSummon_proactive


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