ERM: Batch Updates to Serials Solutions Knowledge Base Collections

Purpose: To efficiently update large numbers of entries when titles require a status change (subscribed or untracked) or holdings changes within the Knowledge Base.

Log in to the Serials Solutions Knowledge Base

Downloading Steps

  1. Identify the Collection that requires large numbers of updates (eg. Taylor & Francis Social Science and Humanities Library with 1704 titles)
  2. Open the collection at the level where all titles display in grid
  3. In the upper right-hand corner select the “download” button
  4. Save the file as a text document
  5. Import the text formatted data into Excel to view as a spreadsheet (tab delimiter applies)

Editing File

  1. Following the instructions at the head of the file, proceed with updating the data in the appropriate columns

  2. Save your updated spreadsheet as a text file.  (Note: instructions for upload suggest a .csv upload is possible but found text form worked best)

Uploading Steps

  1. Before uploading, be sure there have been no interim changes in Serial Solutions for this collection. Then upload the new text file by repeating steps 1-3 and selecting “Upload”
  2. Check your desktop worksheet against a sampling of titles to be sure the changes you made are reflected in the updated collection.NOTE: Instructions at head of downloaded text file with initial entries as seen below

    SerSol collection in text snip