Orders: Fund Adjustments

Purpose: To make changes to fund balances within the URSUS serials system.

Begin by logging onto URSUS.

From Main Menu:

  • O> ORDERING and Receiving Subsytem
  • A> ADDITIONAL Ordering and Receiving Functions
  • F> FINANCIAL Functions
  • Enter your logon name and password when prompted
  • A> ADJUST Fund Balance

System will ask:

  • Use which pay file?(1..4) (Choose whichever is free beginning with “1” (except 4))

System will give you the pay file information:

  • POST it, KEY more items, or QUIT? (p/k/q) K
  • FUND?_____ (Fund is the last three digits of the account number)
  • Appro, Xpend, Encum? (a/x/e) X
  • Amt?_____ Reason? (Give a short reason)
  • Press RETURN when finished.
  • Are you all done? (y/n)
  • Press SPACE to continue
  • Post these to fund files? (y/n) ALWAYS n, no posting
  • Press SPACE to continue
  • Quit to main menu

Contact: um.library.technical.services@maine.edu

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