ERM: Independent Title Maintenance

Purpose: To manage individual titles from the Serials Solutions Client Center for public access not found in one or more collections supported in the Knowledgebase.  NOTE: This will only add titles to the ejournal portal, not generate a MARC record for URSUS.

  • Getting There
    • Login to the Serials Solutions Client Center
    • There are two independent title collections in SerSol, one for free resources and one for subscribed resources that require proxy authentication.
      • “University of Maine Individual Titles” –  proxy omitted (open access)
      • “University of Maine Individual Titles II” – authentication required
    • Navigate to the collection you would like by doing a database title search
    • When you click to display the titles in the collection (click the number in the titles column) you should also see buttons labeled “Upload Titles”, “Add Titles” and “Download Titles.  If you do not see these buttons, you may need to have your Serials Solutions 360 Core Permissions adjusted.  Check with Department Head.
  • Add a Title:
    • Click on the “Add Title” button
    • Fill in the title, ISSN/ISBN, Coverage Dates, and Default URL. (You need at least a title and URL; the other fields are optional but supply unless unavailable)
    • Click Save
    • Email the Title and URL to Library Specialist CL3 (Kim) to determine if the new title needs to be added to the Proxy configuration file.
  • To Remove a Title:
    • Find the Title you want to delete on the list
    • Click the Red X to the right of the title
    • Click the Delete button on the next page.
  • To Edit a Title:
    • Select the title from the list
    • Click the “Edit” Button
    • Edit as you would any other titles
    • Click “Save”
  • If you change a URL that is in “University of Maine Individual Titles II”, notify Library Specialist CL3 (Kim) or Department Head so the Proxy server can be updated.


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