Serials Processing: EBSCO Reports to Monitor Periodicals

Purpose: To track periodical changes proactively, updating URSUS note fields that inform processes according to changes in frequency, delivery and format.  Reports are pulled together by our primary vendor EBSCO from data provided to them by individual publishers. [More Reports forthcoming beyond the Bulletin]

EBSCO Bulletin Now available online in several formats to download to your desktop.

  • Go to EBSCONET website:
  • Login:
    • Customer Code: RB77910
    • Username:  (Enter your assigned username)
    • Password:  (see separately)
  • From navigation menu under EBSCONET header, click on “Reports”.
  • Select “Bulletin of Serials Changes” by clicking on the arrow under “Request/Retrieve” column.
  • Under “Customized Bulletin of Serials Changes Report”, highlight and click on the file size (ex. 80 KB) of your choice to download bulletin.
    Bulletins can be downloaded in several formats:  Excel files, PDF (Portable Document Format) or Text files.
  • File will be compressed and need to be opened in WinZip (automatically on your desktop)
    • Click “Open” to WinZip box
    • Click “Next”
    • Click “Yes” to agree with licensing agreement.
    • Continue by making choices for your bulletin installation.
    • After you’ve made your installation choices, click “Zip Now”.
    • Note:  If you click something incorrectly, you may always click “Back” which will return you to the previous screen.
  • Once file is extracted and open, look for column K, “Section Desc”, which gives the nature of the change or problem (Ex. Delivery Problems).
  • Scroll down to periodicals listed for “Frequency Changes”.  Also, look for “Name Changes” or “Suspended Titles”.
  • Place a note in each periodical card that reflects each change:

Ex.  If periodical, “Educational Technology Research & Development” changed frequency, the note would say:

Note:  A large percentage of items in the spreadsheet are for delivery problems.  It’s not cost effective to note all these.  It’s best to check on a title by title basis via EBSCONET where the same information is available.


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