ERM: Attaching Open-ended Checkin Record

Purpose: To create an open-ended checkin record with holdings for electronic serials titles.

Open Sierra in the Catalog mode.

Set default checkin record format

  1. Open Sierra interface
  2. Admin > Settings > New Records tab
  3. Under New Record Templates Checkin select “_c Checkin default” from the drop down menu
  4. Click Save settings
  5. Click OK

Create a check-in record

  1. Call up the desired record
  2. Click on Summary
  3. Choose “Checkin” from the View dropdown menu
  4. Click “Attach New Checkin” button
  5. Enter the Frequency of publication (e.g. – Irregular; d daily; m monthly) and click next
  6. Leave “Label type” undefined and click next
  7. Leave “Fund/Keyer” undefined and click next
  8. Set copies at “1” and click next
  9. Enter OWEB for UM Orono Online (or CYBSW, if the item is a System-wide electronic resource) and click next.
  10. Set RLOC at 7 and click next
  11. Set “Vendor” at “None” and click next
  12. Leave “Identity” blank and click next
  13. Enter a check note along the lines of: “Open ended online Canadian Government document” and click next.
  14. Leave “Lib. has” blank and click next
  15. Leave “Ven. Addr.” blank and click next
  16. Enter the call number from the 092 field, as appropriate, and click next

Create Card Dialog Box

  1. Set “Items on card” to zero (0)
  2. Check mark “Suppress OPAC display”
  3. Click OK

Add Holdings Record

  1. Click Holdings link in the left-hand menu bar
  2. Click “Add New Range”
  3. In the Create Caption window, select the appropriate levels of enumeration (typically 1 or 2)
  4. Uncheck the Display Caption boxes to decrease visual clutter in resulting record.
  5. Click submit.
  6. Check the “Open Ended” box
  7. Fill in the appropriate holdings “From” information according to volume, number, year, as appropriate
  8. Click Apply Changes button
  9. Click “Save”
  10. Preview in the public view

Suppress Item Record

  1. If an item record is present, suppress it in order to avoid duplication of location information in the public view

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