ERM: Running Overlap Analysis on Serial Solutions

Purpose:   To compare overlap of titles between electronic holdings contained in two or more databases.

Begin by logging onto Serials Solutions and going to the Client Center.

  • Click on “Home.”
  • Click on “Overlap Analysis” under “Assessment Tools.”
  • Click “Remove” button on left side.  A box will appear to the left of each database.
  • Click on the top box, to the left of the words “Database Name.”  Green check marks will appear in each box.
  • Navigate to the databases you wish to include in the analysis, and click the box to the left of each desired database.  This will REMOVE the green check mark from these boxes.
  • Click the “Remove” button on the right side again.  When the page refreshes, a new list should appear, containing only the databases you have chosen to include in the analysis.
  • If list is correct, click the “Run Analysis” button on the right.  The results should be displayed within a few seconds.


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