ERM: Registration Process for E-journals

Purpose:  To contact publishers and/or vendors directly to activate online access to journals including those titles for which we have a paid print subscription. [Note: The vast majority of ejournal activation is handled through the Serials Solutions Client Center.  Records activated in their Knowledge Base will generate new records for URSUS.]

  1. Publisher/vendor sends an announcement that an electronic version is available.  Library Specialist for orders generally receives these notifications and forwards to Periodicals Specialist.  Alternately, a Subject Specialist may forward a title request via Email to Deb Rollins.
  2. Approved titles are returned and checklist slip is attached.  Date of approval is noted under “request received.”
  3. Notification generally includes a URL to pursue and instructions for activating the online subscription.  Online registration via Ebsconet:
    • Login and select the “Orders” tab
    • From pulldown window select search by “title name”
    • Look for the “Access and  Registration” tab
    • scroll to “Registration Required at Publisher Site” then check id ID Required.  If required contact Ebsconet rep for said ID.
    • Follow link to publisher’s web site
    • Follow instructions on publisher site to register title
    • Once confirmation of registration is received, test access at the document level.


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