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Cataloging Army Map Service Maps

Purpose: Create original records for historical maps in our Government Documents collection through a two stage process of descriptive cataloging provided by Library Assistants and subject analysis and call numbers provided by professional catalogers.

NOTE: Project completed. This procedure is no longer in use.

  • Map set (folder) selected by Government Documents to be catalogued from the "casket" collection
  • Professional Cataloguer pre-searches for OCLC copy.
  • Acceptable records for copy found are saved on local file <F4> and set aside for now; will require enhancements
  • Best copy is identified and is used to create a Connexion template for descriptive cataloging.
  • Maps without copy are assigned to a Library Assistant.
  • Using the assigned template number stored in the Connexion save file, a "cheat sheet" is printed out and fields highlighted for descriptive cataloging attention.
  • Thirteen descriptive cataloging steps for Library Assistants include:
    • Attach barcode to upper  right corner on back of map
    • Search save file for template
    • Derive record from template
    • Fixed field for date: should match data recorded in 260 subfield c
    • 034 Update
    • 245 Update main entry title field
    • 246 1 Update alternate title field for margin title
    • 250 Update edition
    • 255 - update points in subfield c.  Be sure values match date points in the 034 field
    • 260 - update the date in subfield c
    • 490 - update series number in subfield v
    • 500 - Add note fields
    • 830 - update series number (should match 490 field if also present) 
    • 949 - Add command line: 94933*recs-b;ov-.o;b1-1;b2-o;b3-u;bn-oro;i-37550017521957/ty-40/loc-odoc/i2-d/sta-
    • Save record to online save file <ctrl> <alt> v
  • Professional cataloguer retrieves saved record from online file in Connexion
  • Open Cataloging Calculator and LC Classification Web tools to assist with codes and cuttering
  • Quickly review the descriptive cataloging work
  • Assign subject headings.  User authority links from Connexion to verify.  Will often have to create unverified heading; use consistent syntax.  Assign one specific region heading and one country heading.  Also provincial level heading if name(s) provided on map.
  • Add form subdivision |v Maps to all headings
  • Once primary geographic heading is in place assign
    • 043 field (if multiple countries use subfield a to record)
    • 052 field (repeatable) add the primary countries that apply
    • 086 - D 103.20 will serve as the SuDoc base number for this map collection per Greg Curtis; add cutter using Cataloging Calculator to derive.
  • Search URSUS by SuDoc call# field to check that call number has not already been used
  • Check 949 for correct catalogers initial
  • Validate record
  • Update holdings
  • Export record
  • Pencil call number in lower right hand corner of map
  • Check export in URSUS to see if both bib and item records went through properly; first record in session is sufficient


Sample Records:

  1. Agedabia (North Africa) -
  2. Charikar (Afghanistan) -


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