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Batch Processing Springer Ebook Records

Purpose: Guidelines of using OCLC numbers supplied by Springer to do batch searches, exporting file to workstation, batch editing records in MarcEdit, loading records to Sierra through Data Exchange, and batch updating holdings on OCLC through Connexion Client.

1. Check OCLC World Share for new or change files for the Springer Ebook record set

  • Log into OCLC World Share website
  • Under the Metadata Tab, click on My Files. This opens a list of all available files for download.
  • Locate the most recent file that has SpringerEBook in the file name.
  • Download the file and save it to S:Cataloging/DataExchange/Springer
  • 2. Open file using MARCEdit

  • The records provided by OCLC are very clean and require little editing in MARCEdit.
  • Delete the 650 fields that contain the $2bisacsh subfield.
  • Double check the proxy has been added correctly, this is added via the profile establish with World Share. Cut and paste the whole URL into a web browser and make sure the ebook is readable.
  • Add $zUM System-wide Access display notes:
  •         In Tools > Edit Subfield Data, enter the following information:
            Field: 856
            Subfield: u
            Field date: ^e
            Replace with: $zUM System-wide Access

    3. Convert the file back to a MARC file.

  • Save the MarcEdit file (if you have not done so already) and close the file for convenience.
  • Under MARC Tools, click on MarcMaker.
  • Under Input File, click browse to navigate to the folder where the .mrk file is located and select the file.
  • Under Output File, click browse to navigate to the folder where the .mrk file is saved.
  • By default, the new .mrc file will have the same name as the old .mrk file, but with an .mrc suffix. Click Save.
  • Click Execute.
  • 4. Load Records to Sierra through Data Exchange
    Load profile for Springer ebooks is Load I For loading steps refer to Data Exchange Procedure

    Important Notes
    Always run a couple of tests before processing a larger scale batch, especially before the batch exporting.

    Springer updates its OCLC Number List several times per month. For convenience, we load records monthly.

    Sample URL already in URSUS:

    Return to the Technical Services Page.

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